Returning to the University

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Please note that the information given below is NOT intended for students who have been expelled from the Univeristy without the rights to resume their studies.


When can I resume studies at RSU?

  • You can resume studies within a two year period after you were expelled from the University, or after returning from the academic leave.

  • You can apply until July 30th (EU/EEA citizens), or June 15th (non-EU/EEA citizens) to commence studies in the fall semester, or November 30th (EU/EEA citizens), or October 15th (non-EU/EEA citizens) to commence studies in the spring semester.


What do I have to do to resume studies at RSU?

Write an application (doc) (pdf) addressed to the Dean of International Student Department stating that you would like to resume your studies at RSU and send it to the International Student Department. Non-EU/EEA citizens must also submit documents required for the immigration procedure; for more details please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the International Student Department.


What will my tuition fee be?

  • Should you return after being excluded from the student list, your tuition fee will be stated as indicated here

  • Should you return after the academic leave, your tuition fee will stay the same, as when you left the University. Exceptions are if the programme has changed dramatically. Then changes will apply accordingly


Note! Should there be any subjects you did not complete during your studies at RSU before interrupting the studies, you will have to repeat them. Be aware that the study programmes might change during the time of your absence, so there are some cases, where an individual plan is implemented in order not to miss any compulsory subjects. 

After receiving your application, International Student Department will inform you via e-mail where the start date of the semester will be indicated as well as the tuition fee and payment due date.

Please note that students are matriculated into the register of students, after signing the Study Contract and fulfilling all obligations stated in it.