Safety Tips and Procedures

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Here are a few safety tips for you.

Personal safety

  • Take care of your personal belongings! Do not leave your personal belongings unattended, especially on the public transport!

  • Do not carry with you large sums of money. In the unlikely event when you should have large sums of money with you, split the amount and put them in various places.

  • Should your credit card be stolen, immediately notify your bank.

Home safety

  • Make sure your home has strong doors and safe locks. If possible, equip entrance doors, balcony doors and windows with an alarm. If you live on the ground floor/first floor, install protective windows.

  • Keep your household and electrical appliances safe.

  • When leaving your home, check whether all windows are closed and the front door locked.

  • When at home, keep your front door locked. Many burglaries happen at night while owners are sound asleep in their beds.

  • Do not keep your keys in a place that can be reached by others.

  • Do noy open the door to people you do not know. Make sure to inquire for an ID if any enforcement personnel should call upon you.

Street/public transport safety

  • Avoid crowded public transport or if you happen to be in one, pay attention to your bag and pockets! Note that petty-thieves often operate in pairs. Usually one of them will distract the victim while the other does the job.

  • Men should not carry their wallets in their back pockets.

  • On public transport, and in shops and stores try to keep your eye on your bag,

  • Avoid the area around the Central market and be careful in the underground pathways around the Central Station!

  • Avoid unlit streets late at night!

Travel safety

  • When leaving your car, do not forget to lock it and to switch on its alarm system. If your car is not equipped with the alarm system, it is recommended to park it only in guarded parking place.

  • Do NOT leave any valuables in the car; in fact, try not to leave anything at all that might draw unnecessary attention.

Pic fireextingFire safety

  • Make sure you have a working smoke detector in your home!

  • Make sure you know all the fire exits (at home and at University campuses)!

  • Be careful with your cooking equipment!

  • Never leave an open flame like candles, incense, lighters or smoking materials unattended!

Fire Safety Instruction (extract)