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European Economics and Business

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The Bachelor’s programme of European Economics and Business is open to students who wish to gain an understanding about economics and business administration principles in Europe. The Department of Regional Economics and Business offers courses in English on EU and economic correlations, e.g. European Economic Integration and EU Institutions, Policy, Law and Economy.

Title of Study Programme:

European Economics and Business

Head of Study Programme:

Inna Dovladbekova, PhD (Econ), Professor

Form of Study Programme:

Full-time studies

Length of Study Programme and ECTS:

6 semesters, 3 years, 180 ECTS

Degree Awarded:

Bachelor’s degree of Social Sciences in Business Administration

Aim of Study programme:

The aim of the programme is to prepare highly qualified experts in business administration who would have a profound knowledge about European economics and business by using research results from respective scientific fields. The programme enhances the development of European economics and business expertise in Latvia and cooperation opportunities with international scientific, management and business organisations.

Main objectives of  Study Programme:

  • Convey knowledge about basic disciplines in economics and business administration, economic political history and analysis, regional economics, as well as international economics and business administration.
  • Introduce students to economic development problems and tendencies of various European countries, provide them with an understanding of the European integration process analysis, and ensure an understanding about business organisation and characteristics in Europe.
  • Teach students to perform scientific analysis and use acquired data results in practice, as well as to prepare students for studies at the Master’s level.

Assessment methods:

At the Faculty of European Studies, the module system is used. The length of a course is 5 weeks; usually amounting to 12 classes (6 lectures and 6 seminars). Upon a successful completion of a course, at the end of the 5th week the student takes an exam. An important part of the evaluation and assessment system is participation in lectures, seminars, writing essays, passing tests and exams.

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