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Year 1950

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Professor Pauls Stradiņš (1896–1958), Professor Ernests Burtnieks, who was the first Director of the Institute, (1898–1958) and LSSR Public Health Minister Ādolfs Krauss (1905–1958) were considered to be the initiators for the founding of Rīga Medical Institute (RMI).


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Professor Pauls Stradiņš Professor Ernests Burtnieks Public Health Minister Ādolfs Krauss


Rīga Medical Institute (RMI) was developed out of the State University of Latvia’s (SUL) Faculty of Medicine and commenced its operations in autumn of the same year based on Decree No. 8640-p of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) Council of Ministers, dated 10th June 1950, and Decree No. 887 of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic’s (LSSR) Council of Ministers, dated 5th July 1950.

At that time, RMI had the following structure:

  • Registry
  • Teaching Division
  • Science Division
  • Personnel Division
  • Accounting
  • Administrative – Financial Division
  • Library
  • Archive
  • Faculties:
    • Health Care
    • Dentistry
    • Pharmacy
  • Departments (45 departments in total).

RMI’s structural units were located at 12 Padomju Blvd (Administration, Social Sciences departments, Library), 9 Kronvalda Blvd, at the Theatre of Anatomy (Normal Anatomy, Histology, Biology, Normal Physiology, Bio-chemistry and Physics departments), 9 Stabu Street (Dentistry departments), 5 Veidenbauma Street (Pharmacy and Pharmacognosy departments), as well as at the largest Rīga City hospitals. The LSSR Council of Ministers’ decree stated that the RMI would have a total number of 1200 students. In 1950, the Institute had 200 students admitted to its initial course: Health Care Faculty – 150, Dentistry Faculty – 25, Pharmacy Faculty – 25.

The Students Scientific Society has been operating at RMI since its year of founding.

1950 4

The USSR Council of Ministers’ Decree No.8640-p, dated 10th June 1950, on the founding of RMI

1950 5

The building at 12 Padomju Blvd, where RMI began its work,
was bequeathed to LU by pre-war benefactor Kristaps Morbergs.

1950 6The Theatre of Anatomy at Kronvalda bulvāris 9.

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