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Year 1989

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In spring (at the end of the 1988/1989 academic year), the first Rīga Medical Institute flag was consecrated.

The flag contained three RMI colours – dark red (life), white (hope), black (death). On the right side of the flag, there was the new RMI emblem: a shield, on which a snake is wound around the Asclepius staff. The emblem was passed on from Latvia University's Faculty of Medicine. The emblem was entwined by an oak leaf wreath and a ribbon with the inscription INSTITUTUM MEDICINAE RIGENSE.

In the hem of the ribbon, an auseklītis [morning star symbol] with the Asclepius staff can also be viewed as a candle, a symbol of education and light. On the reverse side of the flag, there are the emblems of all five faculties, entwined by an oak and bay leaf wreath. The motto VITA BREVIS, ARS LONGA (“Life is short, art is long”) is in the centre.
Artist Oto Ozols designed the RMI emblem and faculty symbols. The flag was made by Māra Mūrniece using the batik technique.

1989 1
Flag front.

1989 2

Flag reverse.

1989 3

The RMI emblem.

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