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Year 1990

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On 26th April, Rīga Medical Institute was renamed the Medical Academy of Latvia (MAL) by Decree No. 116 of the Latvian SSR Council of Ministers. On 23rd October, the Medical Academy of Latvia’s Statutes were adopted at the MAL I Conference of the Collective’s Representatives. The reasoning behind the decision: the term “institute” in the Western world is associated mostly with scientific research work.

There was a substantial reformation of higher education taking place at the time, which affected medical education and the preparation of professional staff to conform to the status of a university or academy.

During the 1990/1991 academic year, the MAL Nurses Section was established, which then became the Faculty of Nursing and Foreign Students Section in the 1993/1994 academic year.

In November, drafts of the MAL Senate and Rectorate Regulations and the Student Council Regulations were developed. On 13th December, the MAL Senate’s first session took place, where the Senate and Rectorate Interim Regulations were adopted, the Senate Presidium was elected and three working groups were formed: 1) the MAL Audit Commission, 2) the MAL Rights and Ethics Council, and 3) the MAL Buildings and Equipment Utilization Council. Prof. J. Leja was elected as Senate Chairman, Dr. A. Rauhvargers as Deputy Chairman, and A. Lejnieks as Senate Secretary.

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MAL emblem: shield.

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