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Year 2010

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On 5 May 2010, the Cabinet of Ministers issued a decision to incorporate the Medical College of Liepāja into Rīga Stradiņš University as of 1 September of the same year.

Professor Jānis Gardovskis, Rector of RSU, made a following comment on the occasion: “With the addition of the Medical College, RSU has founded its first regional branch and also a base for providing quality part-time education in health care study programmes in Kurzeme, for example, in nursing science. This will allow for further development of medical education in the part of the country that is home to several big hospitals and other health care institutions.”

On 17 May, RSU and the Ministry of Education and Science concluded an agreement which provided for the European Regional Development Fund’s (ERDF) financial investment in the creation of the first innovative education technology centre in the Baltics.

With the support of the ERDF project, the Medical Education Technology Centre of RSU, targeted at applying the most recent technology in medical studies, will be among the first skill centres of the kind in the Baltic region.

17 05

On 2 June, RSU Faculty of Medicine announced the five-year plan for the development of medical education which supports the University’s objective to become a leader in exporting medical education and international student attraction in the Baltics.

In the summer, an eight-year record number of applications for studies in the Medicine programme were received for the 2010/2011 academic year, exceeding the mark of 700. Also, a record-high 300 international students were matriculated for the autumn semester.

As part of the University’s 60th anniversary celebrations, the launch party of the book “From University to University” took place on 30 August.

On 17 September, during the Senate’s ceremonial meeting in honour of the University’s 60th anniversary, the Doctor Honoris Causa title was awarded to Valdis Zatlers, President of the Republic of Latvia (on the right in the picture below), and Kristaps Zariņš, Professor Emeritus of Stanford University.

17 09

On 18 September, RSU alumni, staff and students gathered for the anniversary party at the Arena Rīga (see the picture below). Read Rector Jānis Gardovskis’ ceremonial address dedicated to the 60th anniversary of RSU.

18 09

On 14 October, the “Piano Virtuosos at RSU Great Hall” cycle of concerts kicked off with the performance of Russian pianist Anton Lyakhovsky, thus marking the University’s concert hall on the city map as an essential cultural centre in Pārdaugava (left bank of the river Daugava in Rīga).

In December, the University’s Department of Family Medicine brought a new Family Doctor Education Concept to light, based on practice, skills and an essentially different residency programme. According to the concept, RSU will be training not only family doctors, but also nurses and social workers. “As a result of this development, we can provide training for entire family doctor teams in support of family health in our country,” commented Guntis Bahs, head of the department (on the right in the picture below).


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