Programme and topics

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Conference program

The conference intends to combine plenary sessions with parallel sessions on several topics. Poster sessions will be organized as part of the conference program.

Indicative programme outline

Day 1

Plenary 1
Occupational health and safety: 10 years of policy and practice

Parallel session 1
New and emerging risks

Parallel session 2
Ergonomics and organisation, productivity

Day 2

Parallel session 3
Occupational health in practice: from early diagnosis to prevention and return to work

Parallel session 4
Workplace stress: from acknowledgement to prevention

Plenary 2
Form new policies to better practice
Expert panel, Conclusions and Declaration

Possible topics for abstracts and presentations

  • Occupational health and safety profiles of countries or industries
  • OHS policy impact analysis
  • Training of OHS professionals and employees
  • Networking in OHS
  • Changes in work environment (emerging workplace risks, new technologies and organisational patterns)
  • Ergonomic solutions to improve workplaces and work organisation
  • Economic effects and incentives at workplaces
  • Psychosocial aspects of working life and ways to reduce stress
  • Occupational health: from early diagnostics to prevention and return to work
  • Epidemiological studies on work environment on human health

It is possible to submit Abstracts on other topics as well as far as they could be related to themes of Plenary or Parallel sessions.

Conference proceedings

Conference proceedings will be published in separate book by April 2013 with selected articles based on conference presentations. Selected authors will be invited to submit full text of articles by 31.12.2012. Each conference participant will receive a copy of Conference proceedings.