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International Relations

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The Master’s study programme of International Relations concentrates on trends in contemporary European and world politics as well as changes in the world’s political situation. The topicality of the programme is emphasised by the necessity to develop a politically stable international and regional system as well as the strategic aim of the Baltic States to use political and economic opportunities provided by the EU and NATO.

Title of Study Programme:

International Relations

Head of Study Programme:

Andris Sprūds, PhD (Pol. Sc.), Professor

Form of Study Programme:

Full-time studies

Length of Study Programme and ECTS:

4 semesters, 2 years, 120 ECTS

Degree Awarded:

Master’s degree of Social Sciences in International Relations

Aim of Study programme:

The aim of the programme is to provide students with theoretical knowledge and develop their research skills in order to prepare for independent research in the chosen scientific field. Additionally, the aim of the programme is to prepare highly qualified specialists in international relations who would be able to do scientific research and make analyses and evaluation of the international processes at the global and regional level.

Main objectives of  Study Programme:

  • Provide students with theoretical knowledge on tendencies and influences of the development of international politics and actual problems of political economy of the European Union and the world.
  • Provide students with knowledge on the defining process of international politics in Latvia, comparison of this process with the European and the world countries, and help them evaluate Latvia’s place in the EU political and social space in the future.
  • Help students develop critical thinking and ability to foresee the development of political processes as well as to develop their skills to do independent scientific research grounded on modern methodical and methodological principles and prepare them for doctoral studies, enhancing positive motivation for obtaining a PhD degree.

Assessment methods:

At the Faculty of European Studies, the module system is used. The length of a course is 5 weeks; usually amounting to 20 classes (5 lectures and 15 seminars). Upon a successful completion of a course, at the end of the 5th week the student takes an exam. An important part of the evaluation and assessment system is participation and excellence of answers in seminars, presentation of reports on individual projects, quality of written assignments, passing of tests and exams.

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