Public Relations

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The Bachelor’s programme of Public Relations is open to students who wish to be educated in various academic areas and be trained to obtain various skills necessary for an efficient and client-oriented process of public relations in the contemporary information society.

Title of Study Programme:

Public Relations

Head of Study Programme:

Ruta Siliņa, MSc, Lecturer

Form of Study Programme:

Full-time studies

Length of Study Programme and ECTS:

6 semesters, 3 years, 180 ECTS

Degree Awarded:

Bachelor’s degree of Social Sciences in Communication Science

Aim of Study programme:

The aim of the programme is to prepare professionals for the area of public relations in Latvia and other EU countries.

Main objectives of Study Programme:

  • Provide students with theoretical knowledge in various subjects of communication science.
  • Ensure students with the principles and methods of public relations.
  • Introduce students with various other fields of the social sciences, e.g. economics, politics, sociology, etc.

Assessment methods:

At the Faculty of Communications, the module system is used. The length of a course is 5 weeks; usually amounting to 10 classes (6 lectures and 4 seminars). Upon a successful completion of a course, at the end of the 5th week the student takes an exam. An important part of the evaluation and assessment system is participation in lectures, quality of answers in seminars, writing problem essays, passing tests and exams.