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7–9 November 2013

Rīga, Latvia

Thursday, 7 November

Anatomicum / Institute of Anatomy un Anthropology, Faculty of Medicine, Rīga Stradiņš University, 9 Kronvalda Blvd, Rīga

8:00–9:00 Registration 

Welcome Greetings

Professor Guntis Bahs, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, RSU

Professor Mara Pilmane, Director of the Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology, RSU


Plenary session

Chair: A. Arend, D. Pauza

1st plenary lecture: Arend A. Putative markers of osteoarthritis and their detection in the knee joint cartilage and synovium (Tartu, Estonia) – 25 min.

2nd plenary lecture: Pauza H. D. Innervation of cardiac ventricles in rabbit (Kaunas, Lithuania) – 25 min.

3rd plenary lecture: Tutkuviene J. Physical status and handedness during the growth and schooling process: the laterality of handgrip strength in Lithuanian schoolchildren, 1965-2010 (Vilnius, Lithuania) – 25 min.


Questions and discussion

10:30–11:00 Coffee break 

Anthropology and History – Oral session

Chair: J. Tutkuviene, J. Vetra

  1. Allmäe R. and Limbo-Simovart J. Conventional ageing and sexing methods based on teeth and dry bone morphology in person’s identification (victims of Red Terror in 1946) (Tallinn, Estonia) – 15 min.

  2. Araminaite V. and Tutkuviene J. Tracing maternal undernutrition: physical status and longevity of the second generation offspring (Vilnius, Lithuania) – 15 min.

  3. Kasmel J. and Kasmel T. On some historical, geographical and ethnographic papers from the last quarter of the 18th century describing the peculiarities of Estonians’ body build (Tartu, Estonia) – 15 min.

  4. Kazoka Dz. Age variations in body composition among women in Latvia (Riga, Latvia) – 15 min.

  5. Šimkūnaitė-Rizgelienė R. and Stropus R. Lithuanian morphological society: from the beginning to nowadays, from local to regional (Vilnius, Kaunas, Lithuania) – 15 min.

  6. Suchomlinov A., Barkus A., Tutkuviene J. Starting a plastination laboratory in Lithuania – sharing the experience at the faculty of Medicine, Vilnius university (Vilnius, Lithuania) – 15 min.


Questions and discussion

12:30–14:00 Lunch (served in the building opposite to the Anatomicum for all registered participants) 
14:00–16:00 Miscellaneous – Oral session

Chair: M. Pilmane, I. Strumfa

  1. Pilmane M., Salms G., Salma I., Berzina-Cimdina L., Loca D., Locs J., Cakstina I., Skagers A. Tissue reactions around different implants in different time period and after different inducers (Riga, Latvia) – 20 min.

  2. Kuzminienė A., Ulozas V., Valančiūtė A., Balnyte I., Šalomskaitė-Davalgienė S., Palubinskienė J. Evaluation of chicken embryo chorioallantoic membrane model for laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma transplantation (Kaunas, Lithuania) – 20 min.

  3. Kachlík D., Báča V., Musil V. Recent anatomical terminology of the lower limb veins (Prague, Check Republic) – 20 min.

  4. Strumfa I., Vanags A., Vasko E., Jakovlevs A., Bogdanova T., Simtniece Z., Abolins A., Gardovskis J. Molecular typing of malignant tumours for routine practice and scientific evaluation (Riga, Latvia) – 20 min.

  5. Jašinskas A. Cranial sutures – relationship between structure and function (Riga, Latvia) – 20 min.

  6. Vasilevskis E. Basic science and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Riga, Latvia) – 20 min.


Questions and discussion


Coffee break

Alternative options:

  • Tour at the Museum Jacobi Primani and at the Museum of Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology (Guides – I. Dulevska, Dz. Kazoka, M. Pilmane, V. Leta)
  • Discussions about common scientific Project possibilities
16:30–18:00 Anthropology and Morphology – Poster session

Chair: A. Arend, D. Pauza, J. Tutkuviene, J. Vetra, I. Strumfa, M. Aunapuu, M. Pilmane, A. Valanciute

Presentation time: 3 minutes.

Poster preparation: poster boards will be 70 cm wide and 100 cm high. Adhesive tapes for fixation of poster will be provided by Organizers. Handouts of posters are welcome, but not mandatory.

  1. Balode A., Vetra J., Villerusa A., Kojalo U. Body Mass Index, Waist Circumference and Hand Grip Force of Older Women in Riga Nursing Homes (Riga, Latvia)
  2. Kopuz C. and Ortug G. Morphological and morphometric variations of the hyoid bone in Anatolian population: Clinical and embryological implications (Samsun and Istanbul, Turkey)
  3. Heapost L. On morphology of the Eurasian peoples (Tallinn, Estonia)
  4. Kuoliene K. and Tutkuviene J. Ocular parameters in myopic eyes of Lithuanian adolescents (a pilot study) (Vilnius, Lithuania)
  5. Lipsberga G. and Kazoka Dz. Review of some anthropometric and nutritional measurements of children with bronchial asthma (Riga, Latvia)
  6. Nagle E. and Kazoka Dz. Anthropometric studies of head circumference, intercanthal and biocular width, canthal and circumference interorbital index of adult residents (Riga, Latvia)
  7. Oginska A., Kreicberga I., Umbrasko S. Physical development of Latvian children in the first six years of life according to the results of a longitudinal research study (Riga, Latvia)
  8. Plavina L. Analysis of anthropometric characteristics for military personnel with musculoskeletal pathology (Riga, Latvia)
  9. Umbrasko S., Dulevska I., Zagare R., Gavricenkova L. Correlation of the Height with Posture Symmetry and Type (Riga, Latvia)
  10. Arend A., Lieberg J., Aunapuu M. Apoptosis of smooth muscle cells and endothelial cells in varicose veins (Tartu, Estonia)
  11. Babjoniseva A. and Pilmane M. Distribution and correlations of vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) and substance P (SP) in bronchi of patients with mild to moderate bronchial asthma (Riga, Latvia)
  12. Báča V., Kachlík D. Network of excellence in education – simulation of medical procedures on cadavers (Prague, Check Republic)
  13. Báčová T., Hubová M., Kachlík D., Báča V. Clinical anatomy of the optic canal (Prague, Check Republic)
  14. Inokaitis H., Rysevaitė K., Pauzienė N., Pauza D.H. The neuroanatomy of cardiac conductive system in rabbit (Kaunas, Lithuania)
  15. Jacevičiūtė R., Vrotniakaitė K., Barkus A., Šimkūnaitė-Rizgelienė R. Embryonic and fetal age estimation in cleared and stained specimens (Vilnius, Lithuania and Lörrach, Germany)
  16. Jokubaityte A., Lasiene K., Vitkus A., Gasiliunas D., Lasys V. Morphometric parameters of tertiary ovarian follicles in 21-27 years old women (Kaunas, Lithuania)
  17. Krivicka B., Pilmane M., Akota I. Expression of TGFβ-3, genes, matrix metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitor in human cleft-affected tissue (Riga, Latvia)
  18. Laurina Z. and Pilmane M. Immunolocalisation of nestin and CD34 positive cells in healthy gingival tissue – pilot study (Riga, Latvia)
  19. Maurucaitis T., Lasiene K., Vitkus A., Gasiliunas D., Lasys V. Peculiarities of the morphometric parameters of primary ovarian follicles in 21-27 years old women (Kaunas, Lithuania)
  20. Namm A., Arend A., Aunapuu M. BMP-2 and BMP-4 proteins in the early development of nervous system in human embryos (Tartu, Estonia)
  21. Petronis S., Pilmane M., Skagers A. Immunohistochemical comparative analysis of bone tissue in patients with osteoporotic fractures and experimental animals (Riga, Latvia)
  22. Pilmane M., Krivicka-Uzkurele B., Akota I. Is the palate the source for undifferentiated cells in cleft lip palate affected tissue? (Riga, Latvia)
  23. Salma I., Pilmane M., Salms G., Locs J., Berzina–Cimdina L. Evaluation of bioceramic bone substitutes in vivo (Riga, Latvia)
  24. Simulis J., Lasiene K., Vitkus A., Gasiliunas D., Lasys V. Morphometric analysis of 21-27 years old women’s primordial ovarian follicles (Kaunas, Lithuania)
  25. Skuja S. and Groma V. Elemental analysis and its applications in the human brain studies (Riga, Latvia)
  26. Smane L., Pilmane M., Akota I. Immunohistochemical detection of growth factors, protein gene product 9.5 (PGP 9.5) in cleft lip and palate (Riga, Latvia)
  27. Tokin I. I., Hussar P., Tokin I. B., Filimonova G., Zuravskaja M., Jaks V., Kärner M. Immunohistochemical detection of caspase-3 in liver biopsies (St.Petersburg, Russia and Tartu, Estonia)
  28. Vamze J., Pilmane M., Skagers A. Bone tissue morphological characteristic by using routine investigation methods and exact grinding system after the implantation of various bioceramic materials (Riga, Latvia)
  29. Zaikovska O., Pilmane M., Kisis J. The presence of antimicrobial peptides in onychomycosis affected nails (Riga, Latvia)

Welcome Party at the Mueum of History of Medicine, 1 Antonijas Street (5–10 minute walk from the Anatomicum, behind Kronvalda Park).

* Guided tour at the Museum Historiae Medicinae Pauli Stradini nominatum.

Friday, 8 November

Anatomicum / Institute of Anatomy un Anthropology, Faculty of Medicine, Rīga Stradiņš University, 9 Kronvalda Blvd, Rīga


Morphology – Oral session

Chair: M. Aunapuu, V. Groma

  1. Arons M., Pilmane M., Vasilevskis E., Evansa I., Panihins I. Pulsed Radiofrequency (PRF) Increase Biomarkers Expression in the Lumbar Dorsal Root Ganglion of the Domestic Porcine (Riga, Latvia) – 15 min.

  2. Barzdina A., Pilmane M., Tretjakovs P. Evaluation of the role of biomarkers in diagnostics and prognostication of head injuries (Riga, Latvia) – 15 min.

  3. Grzibovskis M., Pilmane M., Urtane I. Specific Signalling Molecule Expression in Periodontal Ligaments in Different Age Groups (Riga, Latvia) – 15 min.

  4. Isajevs S., Isajeva D., Sokolovska J., Sjakste N. Poly ADP ribose polymerase, xanthine oxidase and nitric oxide synthase expression in kidney tissue of experimental diabetis in rats (Riga, Latvia) – 15 min.

  5. Sidhoma E., Pilmane M., Kisis J. Role of local antimicrobial response and apoptosis in psoriatic skin (Rīga, Latvia) – 15 min.

  6. Mozūraitė R., Stakišaitis D., Didžiapetrienė J., Balnytė I., Matusevičius P., Valančiūtė A. Gender-related rat gl. thymus and spleen changes under the influence of sodium valproate (Kaunas, Lithuania) – 15 min.


Questions and discussion

10:30–11:00 Coffee break 

Morphology – Oral session

Chair: N. Pauziene, R. Kleina

  1. Jokubauskas M., Rysevaite K., Pauza D. H., Pauziene N. The unique innervation of atrioventricular node in mouse (Kaunas, Lithuania) – 15 min.

  2. Upeniece I., Groma V., Skuja S. Lichen planopilaris pathomorphology, MMP-9 expression and its relevance in understanding of pathogenesis (Rīga, Latvia) – 15 min.

  3. Sumeraga G., Pilmane M., Kise L. The role of cytokines and neurogenic inflammation in case of isolated post nasal drip syndrome (Rīga, Latvia) – 15 min.

  4. Volrats O. and Pilmane M. Postsplenectomy Sepsis Model in Splenectomized, Partially Splenectomized and Non-splenectomized Rats (Rīga, Latvia) – 15 min.

  5. Zake T., Groma V., Skuja S., Kleina R. Morphologic peculiarities in the thyroid gland of patients with Hashimoto thyroiditis (Rīga, Latvia) – 15 min.

  6. Groma V., Vasiljeva J., Skuja S., Kropotina J., Andrejeva S. Electron microscopy applications deciphering structural peculiarities of endometrium (Rīga, Latvia and Berlin, Germany) – 15 min.


Questions and discussion

12:30–14:00 Lunch (served in the building opposite to the Anatomicum for all registered participants) 
14:00–15:30 Anthropology – Oral session and Company presentation

Chair: L. Plavina, Dz. Kazoka

  1. Araminaite V., Stankevic J., Audickaite A., Simcikas V., Zalgeviciene V., Tutkuviene J. The influence of shungite supplemented water on physical status of the rat embryo (Vilnius, Lithuania) – 15 min.

  2. Dulevska I., Umbrako S., Veidemanis R., Laksa L. 12-16 Year-Old Girls’ Self-Esteem Today (Rīga, Latvia) – 15 min.

  3. Koļesova O. and Vetra J. Age-Related Trends in the Lesser Pelvis (Rīga, Latvia) – 15 min.

  4. Kreicberga I., Pilmane M., Rezeberga D. Correlations between growth factors/receptors and cytokines in placentas of different gestational ages (Rīga, Latvia) – 15 min.

  5. Veldre G. BMI of Estonian AMI patients: Data of the Estonian Myocardial Infarction Registry (Tartu, Estonia) – 15 min.

  6. Bers U. and Lukstins J. Stain and marker selection for histology, immunohistochemistry and fish analysis supported by Genmedica company – 15 min.


Coffee break

Baltic morphologist business meeting

16:00–18:00 Veterinary medicine and Pathology – Poster session

Chair: A. Arend, D. Pauza, J. Tutkuviene, J. Vetra, I. Strumfa, M. Aunapuu, M. Pilmane, A. Valanciute

Presentation time: 3 minutes.

Poster preparation: poster boards will be 70 cm wide and 100 cm high. Adhesive tapes for fixation of poster will be provided by Organizers. Handouts of posters are welcome, but not mandatory.

  1. Čepulienė R., Semaška V., Vencius D. Influence of multi-enzyme and organic selenium feed additives on the morphological indices of liver in laying quails (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica) (Vilnius, Lithuania)
  2. Valdovska A. and Pilmane M. Expression of defensins in intestine of pigs fed with probiotics and Jerusalem artichoke (Riga and Jelgava, Latvia)
  3. Valdovska A. and Pilmane M. Intestinal defence of mink with diarrhea treated with synbiotics (Riga and Jelgava, Latvia)
  4. Abolins A., Strumfa I., Simtniece Z., Vanags A., Balodis D., Gardovskis J. Analysis of cyclooxygenase-2 expressing breast cancer by molecular subtype (Riga, Latvia)
  5. Abolins A., Abolina M., Lutinska D., Strumfa I. Adenolymphoma arising in a submandibular salivary gland (Riga, Latvia)
  6. Bogdanova T., Sjomina O., Vanags A., Gardovskis J., Strumfa I. Regional lymph node status assessment in surgically treated gastric carcinoma (Riga, Latvia)
  7. Bogdanova T., Vanags A., Strumfa I., Vasko E., Abolins A., Simtniece Z., Gardovskis J. Synchronous gastric neuroendocrine and Cajal cell proliferation (Riga, Latvia)
  8. Franckevica I. and Kleina R. p53 protein expression in primary favourable histology nephroblastoma cases (Riga, Latvia)
  9. Gailis D., Strumfa I., Vanags A., Jaunmuktane Z., Gardovskis J. Primary thyroid marginal zone b-cell lymphoma of the mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (Riga, Latvia)
  10. Groma V., Kadisa A., Tarasovs M., Studers P., Murovska M. Morphologic evaluation of joint destruction in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis and its correlations with virus antigen expression (Riga, Latvia)
  11. Ivanova A., Groma V., Pastars K., Nora-Krukle Z. Human HHV-6 DNA and virus-encoded antigen in oral squamous cell carcinoma, borderline mucosa and regional lymph nodes (Riga, Latvia)
  12. Jakovlevs A., Feldmane L., Vanags A., Strumfa I., Gardovskis J. Intramedullary cervical melanotic schwannoma – a rare and challenging diagnosis (Riga, Latvia)
  13. Jakovlevs A., Feldmane L., Strumfa I., Gardovskis J. Low-grade rhabdoid meningioma – unusual morphological characteristics (Riga, Latvia)
  14. Kachlík D., Mušková T., Báča V. Vascular architecture of the large intestinal wall as a correlation to various pathological states (Prague, Czech Republic)
  15. Preišegolavičiūtė L., Ulozas V., Mozūraitė R., Skeberdis A., Antanavičiūtė I., Liutkevičius V., Valančiūtė A. Cell culture obtained from laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma tumour behaviour on the chicken embryo chorioallantoic membrane (Kaunas, Lithuania)
  16. Kleina R., Donina S., Janovska J., Franckevica I. Variability of S100 protein in melanoma patients’ tissue and serum (Riga, Latvia)
  17. Markovs J., Jursevics E., Knipse G., Krumina Dz. Diabetic mastopathy with a high level of CD4 T-lymphocyte response: a case report (Riga, Latvia)
  18. Nazarovs J., Kleina R., Lejniece S. AL–amyloidosis in patient with myeloma. A case report (Riga, Latvia)
  19. Pavars J., Groma V., Skuja S., Stradins P., Bricis I., Roce A., Murovska M. Cardiac calcifying degeneration in patients undergoing aortic valve replacement along with presence of virus infection (Riga, Latvia)
  20. Pugacevska D., Groma V., Petersons A., Melderis I., Gilis A. Morphologic study of congenital hydronephrosis in children: preliminary results (Riga, Latvia)
  21. Simtniece Z., Strumfa I., Pavars M., Vanags A., Gardovskis J. Pancreatic intraepithelial neoplasia, grade III lesion in autoimmune pancreatitis (Riga, Latvia)
  22. Simtniece Z., Kirsakmens G., Strumfa I., Vanags A., Gardovskis J. Late-onset pancreatic metastases of renal clear cell carcinoma: a case report (Riga, Latvia)
  23. Sokolova L., Krasts J., Sedleniece I. Solid-pseudopapillary pancreatic neoplasm in 10 year old girl: a case report (Riga, Latvia)
  24. Strumfa I., Gailis D., Vanags A., Gardovskis J. Malignant primary solitary fibrous tumour of the thyroid gland (Riga, Latvia)
  25. Strumfa I., Gailis D., Vasko E., Vanags A., Ozolins A., Abolins A., Gardovskis J. Morphological spectrum of thyroid carcinoma in operation material (Riga, Latvia)
  26. Sidhom T., Skitecka J., Laganovska G., Pilmane M., Changes of corneal structure before and after cataract surgery (Riga, Latvia)
  27. Vanags A., Strumfa I., Vasko E., Abolins A., Simtniece Z., Ambalovs G., Gardovskis J. Diagnostic algorithm in distinction between high-grade neuroendocrine and squamous pulmonary carcinoma (Riga, Latvia)
  28. Vanags A., Gailis D., Volonska G., Strumfa I., Vasko E., Abolins A., Simtniece Z., Gardovskis J. Role of intermediary filaments in the differential diagnostic algorithm of thyroid carcinoma (Riga, Latvia)
  29. Vanags A., Gailis D., Volonska G., Strumfa I., Vasko E., Abolins A., Simtniece Z., Gardovskis J. Neuroendocrine markers, NCAM and CD44 in thyroid carcinoma: implications for diagnostics (Riga, Latvia)
19:00–22:00 Meeting Banquet at the the Museum of the History of Rīga and Navigation in the old town, 4 Palasta Street

Saturday, 9 November

Tour to Rundāle Palace and Lāči bakery, lunch included. Duration (appr.): 9:00–16:00. Price: EUR 20.00 per person.

Meeting point: Anatomicum, 9 Kronvalda Blvd, Rīga at 9:00.