Doctoral Theses Defended at RSU

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This section contains information on Doctoral Theses presented at Rīga Stradiņš University since 2009. The theses are available as full-text articles in PDF format. All the doctoral theses are available in the RSU Library or the Catalogue of the Libraries of National Importance.

Please note that the full-text versions of the doctoral theses are available only in Latvian; the abstracts, however, are in English.

Doctoral Theses 2016

AuthorTitleDegree Committee
Presentation Date
Dace Avotiņa
Influence of the Time-Phase Varied Magnetic Field on the Nucleic Acids Delivery into the Cancer Cells Medicine
14 November
Ingus Skadiņš
Antibacterial Efficiency of Antibiotic-Impregnated Biomaterials in an 'in vitro' and 'in vivo' Study Medicine
7 November
Aigars Reinis
Determination of Adhesion and Colonisation Intensity of Staphylococcus epidermidis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa on the Surface of Originally Synthesised Biomaterials 'in vitro' and 'in vivo' Studies, and their Impact on Inflammatory Cytokine Expression in Tissues Medicine
7 November
Vladimir Jilkine
The Role of the European Court of Human Rights in Ensuring the Right to a Fair Trial with the Republic of Latvia and Republic of Finland as an Example Law
1 November
Jolanta Vamze-Liepiņa
Characteristics of Reactogenicity in Distant Time Periods after Implantation of Bone Tissue Substituting Biomaterials Medicine
7 July
Aleksandrs Maļcevs
Kidney Transplantation from a Donor after Cardiocirculatory Death Medicine
6 July
Ilze Dobele
Rhinosinusitis Risk Factors in Dentistry – Clinical Aspects Medicine
30 May
Astra Zviedre
Correlation of Acute Appendicitis and Acute Mesenteric Lymphadenitis with the Changes of Serum Cytokines in Children Medicine
23 March
Ainars Feldmanis
Police Functions in the Context of Crime Prevention and Enforcement Law
23 February
Simona Skrīvele
Caries and Its Risk Factors among Rīga Preschool Children 2–3 Years Medicine
15 February
Inga Rendeniece
Prevention Programme Development and Evaluation of Advancement of Caries in Pregnant Women and Their Children Medicine
8 February




Doctoral Theses 2015

AuthorTitleDegree Committee
Presentation Date
Inese Sviestiņa
Comparative Analysis of Antibiotic Consumption among Hospitalized Chidlren in Mostly Common Surgical Cases Pharmacy
16 December
Liene Elsone
The Clinical and Treatment Characteristics of Neuromyelitis Optica Medicine
7 December
Andris Vikmanis
Advantages of Anterior Retroperitoneal Approach in Osteosynthesis of Pelvic Fractures (comparison of two methods) Medicine
25 November
Baiba Spriņģe
Quantitative Assessment of Mandibular Residual Ridge on Cone Beam Computed Tomography Image Medicine
9 November
Artūrs Utināns
Change of ratio of magical thinking, paranormal beliefs and critical thinking disposition in medical study process Medicine
2 November
Valdis Voins
Theoretical and practical issues in preventing and fighting terrorism in the Republic of Latvia and the European Union Law
28 October
Vita Ņemenova
Modernization tendencies for cession's legal regulation in Latvia Law
28 October
Madara Kreile
Genetic Factors in the Etiology of Childhood Acute B Cell Progenitor Lymphoblastic Leukemia Medicine
14 October
Dagnija Kalniete
Micro-RNA expression as a prognostic indicator for breat cancer development Medicine
12 October
Elga Sidhoma
Morphological Characterization of Local Defence System in the Skin of Psoriasis Patients Medicine
2 October
Marina Makrecka-Kūka
Discover of a Novel Cardioprotective Drug Methyl-GBB: pharmacological potential for lowering acyl-carnitines Pharmacy
21 August
Jeļena Groma
Criminal Procedural Compulsory Measures: the Topical Issues and Legal Regulation Enhancement Prospects Law
18 August
Allars Apsītis
Consolidation of Capital in Roman Law and Its Influence on the Modern Legal Institutes of the Republic of Latvia Law
18 August
Liāna Švampāne
Characterisation of Hereditary Endometrial Cancer in Latvia Medicine
8 July
Kaspars Auslands
Two and More Cerebral Metastases Complex Treatment Options Medicine
10 June
Olga Zaikovska
Changes of Functional Unit of the Nail for Patients of Onychomicosis Medicine
1 June
Aldona Kipāne
Criminological Problems of Sexual Violence Law
28 May
Māris Gržibovskis
Quantitative Assessment of Signalling Molecules in Human Interradicular Septum Tissues of Different Age Groups Medicine
22 May
Alise Silova
Changes in Oxidative Stress Parameters and Its Correction Opportunities in Particular Pathologies Medicine
20 April
Māris Sperga
Cicatricial Changes in the Kidneys and their Link to Renal Tumours Medicine
14 April
Maruta Pranka
The Biographical Approach in the Analysis of the Individual and Social Aspects of Biographical Disruption Sociology
31 March
Inga Kudeikina
Problems of the Institution of Co-Ownership in Real Estate Transactions Law
20 March
Marija Rusaka
Acute and Transient Psychotic Disorder (ATPD) Dynamic Development and Particularities in Diagnostics and Treatment in Latvia Medicine 2 February
Zane Simtniece
Prognostic Factors of Surgically Treated Pancreatic Cancer Medicine 22 January

Doctoral Theses 2014

AuthorTitleDegree Committee
Presentation Date
Diāna Raumane Psychoacoustical and Electrophysiological Aspects of Central Auditory Disorder Medicine 16 December
Ruta Jakušonoka Evaluation of the Functional Outcome of Polytrauma Patients with Muscoloskeletal Injuries Medicine 16 December
Aleksandrs Derjabo Head and Neck Basal Cell Carcinoma Treatment Medicine 2 December
Larisa Umnova Assessment of Chronic Pancreatitis Course Severity and Combined Medical Treatment Using Pancreatin, Proton Pump Inhibitor and Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Medicine 3 November
Sandra Skuja Morphological Investigation of Alcohol and Drug-Related Changes in the Central Nervous System Medicine 6 October
Oksana Koļesova The Sexual Dismorphism and Age-Related Changes of the Lesser Pelvis in Human Medicine 6 October
Ieva Salmane-Kuļikovska Use of Non-Prescription Medicines, Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements in Latvia Sociology 3 October
Gunta Darbiņa Practices of Postsocialist Consumption in Suburban Milieu: Desire for a New Suburban House in Pierīga and Its Fulfilment Sociology 26 September
Māris Andžāns Securitization in Defining Regional Security Complexes: The Case of the Baltic States (2004-2013) Political Science 3 July
Linda Piekuse Impact of Polymorphisms in the Endobiotic and Xenobiotic Metabolism Involved Enzymes Coding Genes on Chronic Hepatitis C and Acute Toxic Alcohol Induced Hepatitis Medicine 2 July
Daiga Bauze Genetic Aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorders Medicine 30 June
Irina Evansa Ultrasound-Assisted Versus Fluoroscopic Controlled Analgesic Epidural Blockade in Patients with Degenerative Diseases of the Spine Medicine 16 June
Laila Meija Alkylresorcinol, Lignan Metabolites and Vitamin D in Prostate Cancer Patients Medicine 11 June
Inga Balode Heart Rate in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease in Latvia Medicine 9 June
Armen Gabrielyan The Phenomenon of Euthanasia in Criminal-Legal, Criminological and Medical-Biological Aspect Law 6 June
Ieva Lībiete Development of Psychiatry in Latvia between 1918 and 1940 Medicine 5 June
Alīna Sultanova Significance of Beta-Herpesviruses (HHV-6, HHV-7) Infection under the Conditions of Immune Disorders Medicine 3 June
Laura Neimane Morphoradiological Evaluation of Maxillary Alveolar Bone in Dental Implant Patients Dentistry 26 May
Ilze Kreicberga Characteristics of the Main Molecular Processes in the Tissues of Placentas of Various Gestational Ages Medicine 19 May
Inga Urtāne The Role of Genetic Factors on the Effect of Additional Doses of Clopidogrel to Imrpove Personalized Effectiveness in Patients Pharmacy 15 May
Mārtiņš Kalējs Optimal Mechanical Parameters for Structural Components of Heart Valve Bioprostheses and Selection of a Matching Substitute Material Medicine 14 May
Jana Žodžika Abnormal Vaginal Microflora: Risk Factors, Bed-Side Diagnostic Methods in Pregnancy and Efficiency of an Alternative Non-Antibacterial Treatment Modality in Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Women Medicine 29 April
Anatolijs Kriviņš Preventing and Combating Corruption in Public Procurement Law 15 April
Jeļena Maksimenko

The Role of Germline BRCA1 Founder Mutations and Somatic TP53 Mutations in the Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Subtype

Medicine 8 April
Reinis Balmaks Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus Caused Lower Respiratory Tract Infection: Clinical and Molecular Characterization in Hospitalized Children in Latvia Medicine 11 March
Jānis Šlēziņš Criteria for Surgical Treatment of the Intracranial Hypertension Caused by Cerebral Infarction Medicine 26 February
Renate Fila The European Union as a Subject of Law: Problems and Solutions Law 21 February
Una Aleksandra Bērziņa Traditional Chinese Discourse in Hu Jintao's Report to the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China Political Science 14 February
Maija Radziņa Brain Perfusion in Acute Stroke Patients with Atherosclerotic Changes in Brachiocephalic Blood Vessels Medicine 3 February
Silvestris Zēbolds The Chpice of the Placement of Acetabular Component of Endoprosthesis in Dysplastic Osteoarthritis Patients Medicine 8 January

Doctoral Theses 2013

AuthorTitleDegree Committee
Date Presented
Simona Gurbo
Politics and Religion: Political Behaviour of Clergy in Latvia (2002–2012) Political Science
20 December
Juris Svaža
Oropharyngeal Pathology and Results of Surgical Treatment of Patients with Sleep-Disturbed Breathing Medicine
16 December
Jeļena Reste
The Aging Aspects of Humans Protractedly Exposed to Ionizing Radiation Medicine
11 December
Agnese Ozoliņa
Influence of Coagulation System Changes and Genetic Polymorphisms on Postoperative Bleeding after On-Pump Cardiac Surgery Surgery
26 November
Elīna Ligere
Clinical, Echocardiographic and Biomechanical Aspects of Coarctation of the Aorta in Infants in Latvia Medicine
26 November
Ieva Kārkliņa
Factors Affecting Educational Achievements of Students from Economically Disadvantaged Families in Latvia Sociology
22 November
Anna Ivanova
Oronasopharyngeal and Salivary Gland Tumors Clinical and Morphological Investigation, the Role of the Herpes Group Viruses in the Malignant Process Dentistry
11 November
Ģirts Šalms
Integration of Bone Substituting Biomaterials in Atrophic Posterior Maxilla Dentistry
21 October
Iveta Briška
Ecological risks as evaluated by Latvian residents Sociology
18 September
Arta Bārzdiņa Evaluation of the role of biomarkers in diagnostics and prognostication of head injuries Theoretical Medicine 4 September
Dagnija Rostoka

Diagnosis and Treatment of Oral Halitosis

Theoretical Medicine 26 August
Ivanda Franckeviča

Morphological, Immunohistochemical and Genetic Characteristics of Paediatric Renal Tumours in Latvia

Theoretical Medicine
28 June
Anvita Biezā

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Follow-up of Cerebral Glial Tumors

Theoretical Medicine
28 June
Normunds Sikora Myocardial Protection and Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery. Biomechanical and Structural Properties of Neonatal Coronary Arteries Surgery 13 June
Arnis Āboliņš Molecular subtypes and immunohistochemical profiles in breast cancer Surgery 10 June
Laura Ķevere The Link Between Hyperhomocysteinemia and Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase Polymorphism in Children and Adolescents with Psychotic Disorders Internal Medicine 6 June
Artem Kalinin Possibilities of the Ultrasound for the Assessments of the Left Atrial Deformation in Healthy Individuals and Patients with Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Internal Medicine 3 June
Baiba Trinīte Voice Disorders in Teachers: Prevalence, Risk Factors, Psycho-Social Impact Theoretical Medicine 13 May
Inga Kempa Identification of Candidate Genes Involved in the Etiology of Nonsyndromic Cleft Lip with or without Cleft Palate and Isolated Cleft Palate Theoretical Medicine 29 April
Iveta Strode Postoperative Pain Care in Nurse Practice in Latvia Theoretical Medicine 29 April
Velga Sudraba The Treatment for Substance Use Disorder Patients and Their Changes of Psychosocial Functioning in Dynamics Theoretical Medicine 22 April
Anda Karnīte Factors Associated with Outcomes from Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Theoretical Medicine 8 April
Irisa Zīle Epidemilogical Aspects of Congenital Anomalies and Associated Risk Factors in Latvia Theoretical Medicine 8 April
Olga Odiņa Development of the Nurse Profession in Latvia (18th—20th Centuries) Theoretical Medicine 18 March
Kristaps Circenis Psychosocial Aspects of Professional Quality of Life of Practising Nurses' and Factors Affecting Them Theoretical Medicine 18 March
Irina Lucenko Analysis of the Lyme Borreliosis Epidemiological Indicators in Latvia and Seropositivity Associated Factors Theoretical Medicine 18 February
Zanda Priede S100 Protein and Neuron Specific Enolase as Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarkers of Cerebral Infarction Theoretical Medicine 18 February
Ilze Maldupa The Role of Caries Risk Assessment Methods in the Development of Preventive Programmes in High Risk Region Dentistry 14 February
Pāvels Sudmalis Possibilities of Persistent Organic Pollutants. Determination and Detection in Environment and Biological Samples Pharmacy 24 January
Elīna Škapare Molecular Mechanisms of Carbohydrate Metabolism-Related Disorders: Investigation in Experimental Models and Clinical Samples Pharmacy 11 January
Liene Čupāne Molecular Epidemology and Clinical Course of Panton-Valentine Leukocidin Positive S. Aureus Infection in Children of Latvia Internal Medicine 8 January

Doctoral Theses 2012

AuthorTitleDegree Committee
Date Presented
Ieva Tolmane Study of Factors Influencing Chronic Viral Hepatitis C Treatment Results Internal Medicine 4 December
Anda Mindere-Gūbele Microflora of Root Filled Teeth with Apical Periodontitis and Its Sensitivity to Antibacterial Substances Dentistry 3 December
Vladimirs Voicehovskis

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Oxidative Stress Parametre Assessment and Correction by Means of Antioxidants in Contingent of International Operations

Theoretical Medicine
3 December
Artūrs Ozoliņš

Diagnostic Value of Molecular Markers in Evaluation of Thyroid Nodules

14 November
Žanna Martinsone

Non-Industrial Indoor Air Quality and Development of Basic Methods for the Occupational Risk Assessment

Theoretical Medicine
12 November
Kristīne Azarjana

Melanoma prognostic and risk factors

Theoretical Medicine 12 November
Alla Rivkina ZAP-70, Thymidin Kinase, CD38, Beta 2 Microglobuline and Laktatdehydrominaze Changes for Patients with Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia and Its Effect to Disorder Process and Prognosis Internal Medicine 5 November
Ronalds Mačuks Diagnostic Sensitivity and Specificity of Biomarkers in Combination with Ultrasonographic Findings and Clinical Symptoms in Ovarian Cancer Surgery 25 October
Mārtiņš Kapickis Transplants of Microvascular Bundles - Source of Neoangiogenesis and Revascularisation Surgery 18 October
Anna Miskova

Appearance of Growth Factors, Genes and Their Products in Cases of Human Embryo Tubal and Intrauterine Implantation

 Theoretical Medicine
 15 October
Nikolajs Ņesterovičs

Comparison of Various Heart Pacing Methods. Effectivenes on Patients with Heart Failure and Permanent Atrial Fibrillation

Internal Medicine 9 October
Natālija Proņina

The Molecular Basis of Phenylketonuria and Hyperphenylalaninemia in Latvia

Theoretical Medicine 29 June
Jeļena Alfejeva

Criminal and Criminological Aspects of Insurance Fraud

Law 28 June
Zane Krišjāne

Assessment of Temporomandibular Joint and Mandible in Image of Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Patiends with Angle Class II and III Dentofacial Deformities

Dentistry 27 June
Anda Nodieva Transmission of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and the Causes of Generation of Recurrent Tuberculosis Cases in Latvia Internal Medicine 26 June
Anna Mihailova Genetic Aspects of Rheumatoid Arthritis Internal Medicine 18 June
Liāna Deklava Personality Factors and Professionally-Relevant Behaviour in Practicing Nurses Theoretical Medicine 4 June
Aleksejs Derovs

The Clinical Significance of the Excavataved Lesions  (Aphthae/Erosions, Ulcers) in the Small Bowel Detected by Capsule Endoscopy

Internal Medicine 28 May
Jolanta Millere Quality of Life of the Families with Children with Disability in Latvia Sociology 28 May
Agita Jēruma

Chronic Hepatitis C: Biochemical and Immunogenetic Diagnostic Markers for Predicting Efficacy of Etiotropic Therapy

Internal Medicine 12 Apr
Vadims Suhorukovs

The Role of Core Biopsy in Kidney Graft Pathology Diagnostics

Surgery 14 Mar
Anda Laķe

Evaluation Research as a Society's Expression of Rationality, Its Utility in Policy Making of Latvia


9 Feb

Doctoral Theses 2011



Degree Committee

Date Presented

Zita Krūmiņa

Rare Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Children in Latvia

Theoretical Medicine

21 Dec

Zanda Daneberga

The Fragile X Syndrome in Mentally Retarded Patients from Latvia

Theoretical Medicine 21 Dec
Olafs Volrāts

Morphofunctional Grounds of Splenic Tissue Reducting Operations and Analysis of Clinical Results in Children with Hypersplenism of Different Aethiology

Surgery 15 Dec
Jeļena Eglīte

Research of HLA II Class DRB1, DQA1, DQB1 Genetic Markers on Patients with HIV Infection and AIDS

Theoretical Medicine  12 Dec
Ieva Mauliņa

Craniofacial morphology in the parents of children with cleft lip, cleft lip and palate and isolated cleft palate

Dentistry 23 Nov
Arta Balode

Molecular Biological Characteristics of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus for Patients Treated at a Multi-Profile Hospital in Latvia

Theoretical Medicine 14 Nov
Daina Šmite Analysis of Chronic Low Back Pain Patients in the Frame of Biopsychosocial Model Theoretical Medicine 14 Nov
Natālija Vedmedovska Surgery 5 Oct
Pēteris Priedītis Internal Medicine 29 Jun
Ieva Ziediņa Polyoma BK Virus Infection in Renal Transplant Recipients Internal Medicine 13 Jun
Nataļja Kakurina Significance of Human Parvovirus B19 Infection in the Etiopathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Possible Correlations with the Disease Activity, Stage and Clinical Course
Internal Medicine 10 Jun
Irēna Daberte Technology and Investigation of Pine Needles Thick Extract Capsulated Dosage Form   Pharmacy 7 Jun
Arta Strazdiņa Value of Ultrasound in Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer Theoretical Medicine 6 Jun
Inese Mārtiņsone Air Pollution of Work Environment of Welders with Metals and Their Impact to Employees Health in Latvia Theoretical Medicine 30 May
Jānis Kūka The Regulation of Carnitine System for Cardioprotection Pharmacy 17 May
Jana Pavāre Epidemiology, Clinical Signs and Early Diagnosis of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) and Sepsis in Hospitalized Children Internal Medicine 5 May
Viktorija Ķēniņa Relation of Hyperhomocysteinemia, Chlamydophila Pneumoniae and Cytomegalovirus with Cerebral Infarction, IT Subtypes and Stroke Risk Factors Internal Medicine 18 Apr
Inga Stuķēna Prevalence and Mutual Correlations of Traditional and New Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors and Metabolic Syndrome Under Latvia's Population Internal Medicine 28 Mar
Ilona Viduskalne Types of Children's Dental Trauma and Direct Costs of Treatment Dentistry 23 Mar
Iveta Ivdra The Changes of the Concentration of Transforming Growth Factor-beta1 and Epidermal Growth Factor in Blood Serum of Psoriasis Patients and Its Influence on Processes of Pathogenesis During the Therapy Internal Medicine 17 Mar
Vents Sīlis Health Behavior and Quality of Life of Latvian Population Sociology 16 Mar
Iveta Dzīvīte-Krišāne Molecular Mechanisms, Immunogenetic Characteristics, Clinical and Therapeutical Consequences of the 21-Hydroxylase Deficiency in Latvian Children Internal Medicine 15 Mar
Karīna Aksenoka Clostridium difficile Clinical and Molecular Epidemiology in Latvia Theoretical Medicine 14 Mar
Zane Lauriņa Epidemiological and Morphofunctional Study of Periodontal Health Dentistry 9 Mar
Oļegs Sabeļņikovs Associations of Genetic Polymorphisms with Clinical Course and Mortality in Severe Sepsis Theoretical Medicine 7 Mar
Edgars Vasiļevskis Positional Damages of Peripheral Nerves of the Upper Extremity During Anesthesia and the Problem’s Solution / Biomechanical Investigation of the Arm Threat Theoretical Medicine 7 Mar
Iveta Jankovska Characterization of Regeneration/Growth Factors, Degeneration Factors and Apoptosis in Jaw Bones and Soft Tissues of Patients with Class II and Class III Dentofacial Deformities Dentistry 23 Feb
Inese Gobiņa Chronic Pain and Associated Factors in Adolescents Theoretical Medicine 21 Feb
Signe Mežinska Chronic Illness Experience and Quality of Life of Retirement Age People Sociology 16 Feb
Rasa Šmite Creative Network Communities Sociology 11 Feb
Linards Grieznis Tactile Sensibility of Natural Teeth and Osseointegrated Implants to Loading Dentistry 26 Jan
Laura Logina Amputated Parts of Upper Extremity Bone Tissue Properties Changes After a Long Time Ischemia Theoretical Medicine 24 Jan
Agrita Puzuka Evaluation of Genetic Risk Factors in Male Reproductive Pathology: Latvian Population Study Theoretical Medicine 24 Jan


Doctoral Theses 2009



Promotion Council

Date Presented

Henrijs Ozoliņš Chiari I Malformation: Elaboration of Operative Criteria and Rational Surgical Treatment Surgery 25 Nov
Viktorija Kuzema Anaemia Treatmentt Effect on Chronic Kidney Disease Progression Internal Medicine 11 Nov
Iveta Kudaba Carcinoma of Unknown Primary (CUP): Clinical and Morphological Differential Diagnostics and Treatment Internal Medicine 4 Nov
Anita Oginska Evaluation of Trends of Physical Development among Infants and Neonates Medicine 28 Sep
Ilze Šalma Medicine 21 Sep
Jekaterina Gudkina Assigning Dental Caries Risk Factors in 6 year old and 12 year old Children Dentistry 14 Sep
Inese Mauliņa Evaluation of Orthodontic Treatment and Palatal Plastics in Children with Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Dentistry 7 Sep
Iveta Golubovska


1 Jul

Ilans Lisagors Combined Intensive Therapy of Acute Pancreatitis Using Hyperbaric Oxygenation   Surgery 26 Jun

Inga Lāce

Evaluation of the Cardiovascular System and Physical Activities in Children with Congenital Heart Diseases – Before and After Surgical Correction Internal Medicine 10 Jun
Simonas Grybauskas Craniofacial Morphology of Medieval and Modern Human Populations in Territories of Rīga and Lithuania (by use of 3D cephalometry analysis) Dentistry 5 Jun
Tomas Linkevicius Influence of Mucosal Tissue Thickness on Crestal Bone Stability Around Dental Implants Dentistry 29 May
Antra Ragauska Assessment of Aesthetic Restorative Materials for Class II Cavities in Posterior Teeth in Adults Dentistry 6 Apr
Dzintra Kažoka Evaluation of Female Biological Status in Latvia Medicine 26 Feb
Zane Gaile The Importance of Early Diagnostics in Neurophysiologic Development Disorders in the Rehabilitation of Premature Babies Medicine 12 Feb