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When thinking about the definition of science it is very broad. But, I would like to emphasise the area of science that is an adventure allowing you to develop and strengthen professional and personal skills. Moreover, it helps us to learn more and go further to make changes for the greater good.

However, Social sciences are focused on the research of human society enabling us to stimulate growth and improve the present reality. This could mean improving the disciplines of: politics, communication, economics or law. I believe that social science impacts the day-to-day lives of people quicker and it is often the case people would not even notice it.

For the past years The RSU International Student Conference is a great example of students who developed their scientific work in not just only the medical sciences but also social sciences. During the conference you will be able to connect your professional path with social sciences and become enthusiastic researchers in them by exploring, analysing and studying new findings that are useful for society.

Therefore, I would like to encourage all of you to partake in the conference, whether you are active or passive participant in the conference. I urge you to come and explore the new developments that will be presented on social sciences.

Lastly, for those of you who will be presenting I wish you all the best and would like to commemorate your confidence in presenting your scientific papers. Well done, and see you guys on the April 5th in Riga at RSU International Students conference.

Olga Jasjuļaņeca,
co-ordinator for Social Sciences

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