Services and Examinations

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Scientific services

RSU Joint Laboratory of Clinical Immunology and Immunogenetics has been set up with appropriate technical equipment for the performance of human genome research:

  • research of the gene pool of the Latvian population;

  • polymorphism in various genes-immunomodulators (HLA-genes of Class I, II and III, cytokine genes and KIR, CTL4, MICA-genes) in the presence of various diseases; and

  • immunoregulatory molecule research (cytokine, lymphokine, hemokine) in the biological liquid with ELISA method.

It is possible to conduct experimental works at the laboratory by involving RSU employees and candidates for a doctor’s degree representing various fields of medicine.

Genetic analysis

Type of analysisNumber of samples

Total prices in EUR, excl. VAT

DNA extraction

1 sample 13.49

DAN extraction and purification


DNA testing for celiac disease (electrophoresis method)


DNA testing for celiac disease (RT-PCR method)


DNA testing for detection of HLA-B27 (RT-PCR method)


DNA testing for Crohn's disease / DNA testing for Gilbert's syndrome (RT-PCR method)


DNA testing for detection of varicella zoster virus (RT-PCR method)


DNA test for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, DNA test - mutations in BRCA1 gene SNP 8 (RT-PCR method)


DNA testing for infertility determination (RT-PCR method)


DNA testing for infertility determination (electrophoresis method)


Determination of cystic fibrosis mutation dF508

1 sample (+2 controls) 16.59

Determination of hereditary hemochromatosis mutations C282Y and H63D

1 sample (+2 controls) 34.80

Determination of Wilson's disease mutation H1069Q

1 sample (+2 controls) 18.21

Determination of Gilbert syndrome mutation

1 sample 31.19

Y microdeletion determination for infertile men

1 sample (+2 controls) 17.97

PCR reaction

1 sample 5.21

Thrombophilia panel

1 sample (+2 controls) 43.84


1 sample 19.92

Alfa – 1 Antitrypsin insufficiency (determination of mutations PIZ and PIS)

1 sample 17.17

Detection of infectious agents

Type of analysisPrice in EUR, excl. VAT

Diagnosis of biocenosis, Femoflor ® 16 infections (RT-PCR method)


Diagnosis of biocenosis, Femoflor ® 8 infections (RT-PCR method)


Diagnosis of biocenosis, Femoflor ® 4 infections (RT-PCR method)


Infection detection: CHL, URLs, MYC, HPV 16/18, HSV 1/2, CMV, HHV 6, GN, TRH, EBV (RT-PCR method)