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EU Structural Funds and INTERREG projects

  • Latvian Council of Sciences grant No. 091112. “Mechanisms of involvement of latent/persistent viral infections in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis” Duration: 2009–2012

Other projects

  • Cooperation Project "Multinational, multicentre, prospective longitudinal, randomized, blinded three parallel group (non-inferiority) post marketing study in subjects undergoing elective total knee replacement by different Johnson – Johnson / De Puy knee prosthesis design”

  • Smith & Nephew Orthopedics AG project „Long – term, clinical outcome study of the SL PLUS stem – a retrospective 10-years follow-up study, investigator”

  • A Phase II a multi – centre , multi – national, open – label, dose ranging study of efficacy, safety, and tolerability of oral DU – 1766 administered once or twice daily in the treatment of adult patients undergoing total hip artroplasty

  • A Randomised, Double – Blind, Active and Placebo – Controlled, Parallel – group Multi-centre Studies. Duration: 2008

Publications, articles, conferences


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