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  • ERAF project No. 2014/0048/2DP/ Development of new method for detection of genetic variations significant in reproduction. Project manager: I. Kempa. Duration: 2014-2015

Grants by the Latvian Council of Science

  • Latvian Council of Sciences grant No. 09.1384. Expression of genetically determined modulations of liver metabolism in cases of different hepatic pathologies. Duration: 2009–2012

  • Latvian Council of Sciences grant No. 09.1116. Diagnosis of human pathology caused by mitochondrial DNA mutations and analysis of etiopathogenesis. Duration: 2009–2012

  • Implementation of the sub-project “Polymorphic variants of xenobiotic metabolism genes in the population of Latvia and their relation to pathology” of the Latvian Council of Sciences project No. 10.0010 “Genetic research of diseases etiology, pathogenesis, and human ageing processes of the Latvian population”. Duration: 2010–2013

  • Latvian Council of Sciences grant No. 09.1115. “Importance of risk factors in the development of non-syndromic cleft palate, cleft lip with/without cleft palate for the population in Latvia”. Duration: 2009–2011

  • Private-public partnership “Multi-disciplinary Research Consortium on Major Pathologies Threatening the Life Expectancy and Quality of Life of the Latvian Population”. Sub-project No. 13 “Prompt and effective diagnostics of chronic respiratory diseases, introduction of new therapy methods into the clinical practice”. Duration: 2006–2010

  • Latvian Council of Sciences cooperation project No. 05.0023. “Research of genofund of Latvia in relation to human pathology”. Duration: 2005–2009

Projects financed by other international institutions

  • Latvia-Lithuania-Taiwan project “In craniofacial morphogenesis involved and orofacial clefts identification genes predisposing in human genome”. Duration: 2003–2006



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Doctoral Thesis






  • Baiba Lāce: Analysis of molecular genetics and clinical aspects of A1AT deficiency in Latvia. Scientific supervisor: Prof. Astrīda Krūmiņa


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