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Since 1998, the head of the Research Division is the Vice-Rector for Science, Professor Iveta Ozolanta.

Iveta Ozolanta – a doctor, candidate in medical sciences (1983), Dr. med. (1992), Dr. Habil. med. (1998), associate professor (2001), professor (2004). Graduate of the Riga Institute of Medicine, Faculty of General Treatment (1973). Neuropathologist, therapist at the Riga 1st Clinical Hospital and Clinic (1973–1975). Junior scientific associate at the Latvian North-Eastern Polymer Mechanics Institute (1975–1985), senior scientific associate at the Latvian Scientific Research Institute for Traumatology and Orthopaedics (1985–1994). Leading specialist in the Latvian Medical Academy’s Promotions and Habilitation Council (1995), director of the Research Department (1995–1998), Vice-Rector for Science (since 1998), vice-director of the RSU Institute of Anatomy and Anthropology (July – December 2001).

The scientific themes of Prof. Iveta Ozolanta’s activity are related to the biomechanics of the human upper digestive tract, tissue engineering of the cardiovascular system, and the etiological study of medicine and social demographics in the aging process of Latvian residents.


Professor Iveta Ozolanta's CV


  • Latvian Medical Academy, Rīga, 1998, PhD

  • Kaunas Medical Academy, Lithuania, 1983, PhD

  • Rīga Medical Institute, Rīga, 1973, MD


Work Experience

  • Professor, Rīga Stradiņš University, 2004 until present

  • Vice-rector for Science, Rīga Stradiņš University, 1998 until present

  • Associate Professor, Latvian Medical Academy, 2001

  • Head of Scientific Department, Latvian Medical Academy, 1995–1998

  • Senior Researcher, Latvian Institute of Traumas and Orthopaedics, 1985–1995

  • Researcher, Laboratory of Biomechanics, Institute of Polymer Mechanics, Latvian Academy of Sciences, 1975–1985

  • Neurologist, Rīga Emergency Hospital, 1973–1975

  • Assistant, Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine, 1966-1967



  • Kasyanov, V., Purinya, B., Lacis, R., Ozolanta, I., “Artificial Aortic Heart Valve” No. 12488, 2001

  • Ozolanta, I., Purinya, B., Kasyanov, V., “Method of Evaluation of Vascular Transplant” No. 12299, 1999

  • Kasyanov, V., Ozolanta, I., Purinya, B., Kancevicha, V., “Woven Vascular Graft” No. 12341, 1999



  • Biomechanics of human cardiovascular system. Investigation of biomechanical features and structure of human blood vessels and heart valves.

  • Biomaterials. Ingrowths processes and biocompatibility of new artificial substitute of biological tissue: morphofunctional and biomechanical investigations of composite material substitutes.

  • Biomechanics of bones and spine. Biomechanical properties and structure of bone, joint and cartilage.

  • Functional, structural and biomechanical research of human upper digestive system.

  • Tissue engineering of human cardiovascular system.



Prof. Iveta Ozolanta, Vice-Rector for Science

Adresse: 16 Dzirciema St., Block D, Room 508, Riga, LV-1007, Latvia

Phone: +371 67409116

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.