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RSU Scientific Conference 2014 Abstracts

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On 10 and 11 April 2014 the annual RSU Scientific Conference was held with 944 international authors having submitted a total of 460 report abstracts. While the majority of the abstracts are in Latvian (full list is available on the Latvian version of our website), this page contains a selection of the ones in English grouped by section (topic).

  • Section I: Biological ageing factors and life quality in the population of Latvia
  • Section II: Investigation of exogenic and endogenic factors hazardous to the population of Latvia
  • Section III: Today’s view of role of infectious agents in the origination and progress of contemporary infections in Latvia
  • Section IV: Investigation of factors causing death or disability among children
  • Section V: Investigation of clinical and molecular peculiarities of malignant tumours for the improvement of early diagnosis and treatment strategy
  • Section VI: Immunohistochemical, radiological and clinical investigations of jaw deformities (anomalies)
  • Section VII: Clinical epidemiology of functional limitations caused by health disturbances in Latvia
  • Section VIII: Transformation of political, economic and juridical system in Latvia and the world

Section I

Transversus abdominis plane block under US guidance: regional anaesthesia for lower abdominal surgery
Yehya Slim, Maija Rikmane, Sergejs Grigorjevs, Jevgenijs Stepanovs, Biruta Mamaja
Expression of VEGF-A gene in normal retina and in proliferative vitreoretinopathy retina
Davide Borroni, Claudio Azzolini, Cristina Pirrone, Simone Donati, Giovanni Porta
Some historical aspects of the development of osteopathy in the cranial field
Arturas Jasinskas
Digestive system model under the influence of proanthocyanidins
Mark Zalomonson, Jelena Krasilnikova, Alexander Pycha, Galina Telysheva, Tatiana Dizhbite, Liga Rose

Section II

How can we detect patients with coagulation disorders in reconstructive microvascular surgery?
Jevgenijs Stepanovs, Biruta Mamaja
Case presentation of anesthesia management with deep hypothermic circulatory arrests during pulmonary thromboendarterectomy
Roberts Leibuss, Martins Kalejs, Agnese Ozolina, Andris Skride, Peteris Stradins, Eva Strike, Romans Lacis
Phantom syndrome management in females after mastectomy
Inara Roja, Zenija Roja, Janis Zalkalns
Differences in weight and waist circumference reduction between people of different HOMA-IR among clinically healthy overweight and obese individuals
Vija Silina, Mesfin K. Tessma, Peteris Tretjakovs, Gita Krievina, Guntis Bahs
Fascia iliaca block: its analgesic efficacy after surgery for proximal femoral fracture
Katerina Gruba, Iveta Golubovska, Aleksejs Miscuks
Analysis of rheumatoid arthritis and atherosclerosis
Evija Stumbra-Stumberga, Galina Baltgaile, Renārs Erts

Section III

Analysis of antimicrobial prescribing at two specialist Paediatric centres in the UK and Latvia
Inese Sviestiņa, Jeff Aston, Dzintars Mozgis
Gene HLA DRB*1 polymorphism characterization in Latvian TBE patients
Lilija Kovalchuka, Jelena Eglite, Tatiana Sidorcika, Angelika Krumina, Guntis Karelis
Molecular genetic characteristic patients with Borrelia burgdorferi infection
Lilija Kovalchuka, Jelena Eglite, Mara Zalite, Sandra Gintere, Ludmila Viksna, Angelika Krumina
Twins born to HIV-1 infected mothers (2007–2013)
Ludmila Guseva, Valentina Sitkare, Tatjana Kolupajeva, Diana Dusacka, Inga Januskevica, Natalija Repuscenko, Jelena Storozenko, Baiba Rozentale
Presence of human herpesvirus-6 genomic sequence in DNA samples of patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in Latvian and Italian patients
Sabine Gravelsina, Maksims Cistjakovs, Alina Sultanova, Svetlana Chapenko, Egils Cunskis, Modra Murovska, Zaiga Nora-Krukle, Dario Di Luca, Elisabetta Caselli
Detection of relationship between the number of repeated surgeries prior and post long lasting free flap surgeries and active HHV-6 or HHV-7 infection
Arnis Vilks, Jevgēnijs Stepanovs, Modra Murovska, Biruta Mamaja

Section IV

Evaluation of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin as a marker of open heart surgery related acute kidney injury in children
Jekabs Krastins, Zane Straume, Janis Auzins, Aigars Petersons, Diana Amerika, Aivars Petersons
Reconstruction of thumb hypoplasia
Dzintars Ozols
Mutation spectrum of CFTR gene in cystic firbosis patients with meconium ileuss
Gita Tauriņa, Linda Piekuse, Inga Kempa, Zita Krūmiņa, Liene Korņejeva, Ieva Mičule, Vija Švābe, Astrīda Krūmiņa
Screening for clinically significant myeloperoxidase deficiency in pediatric patients: algorithm and preliminary results
Sergey Nikulshin, Irina Ribakova, Anda Bartule, Iveta Tolstikova, Dagne Gravele, Dace Gardovska
BCG SSI vaccine induced adverse reactions and their surgical treatment options
Roberts Meikšāns, Arnis Eņģelis, Aigars Pētersons, Mohits Kakars

Section V

Paediatric BCR-ABL1-positive chronic myelogenous leukaemia in Latvia: 1994–2013 data
Sergey Nikulshin, Linda Kundzina, Marika Grutupa, Gunita Medne
Clinical significance of sporadic TP53 mutations in the triple-negative breast cancer group
Jeļena Maksimenko, Dace Bērziņa, Zanda Daneberga, Miki Nakazawa-Miklaševiča, Dagnija Kalniete, Arvīds Irmejs, Genadijs Trofimovičs, Jānis Gardovskis, Edvīns Miklaševičs
CXCL4 chemokine as novel diagnostic biomarker in early stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
Artjoms Špaks, Inta Jaunalksne, Ainis Pirtnieks, Genadijs Ambalovs, Jāzeps Baško, Irina Špaka
BRCA1 4153delA and 5382insC mutations confer different risks of contralateral breast and second primary malignancies in breast cancer patients
Grigorijs Plakhins, Arvīds Irmejs, Signe Subatniece, Gunta Purkalne, Genadijs Trofimovičs, Edvīns Miklaševičs, Jānis Gardovskis
Diagnostic failures in case of patient with parathyroid carcinoma
Zane Visnevska, Ilze Puzaka, Arturs Ozolins, Natalija Fokina, Zenons Narbuts, Arnis Abolins, Ilze Strumfa
First experience of prophylactic thyroidestomies in children
Zane Visnevska, Arturs Ozolins, Zenons Narbuts, Olafs Volrats, Iveta Dzivite-Krisane, Natalija Fokina
Clinical outcome of BRCA1-associated epithelial ovarian cancer: Significance of the 4153delA and 5382insC mutations
Grigorijs Plakhins, Arvīds Irmejs, Gunta Purkalne, Genadijs Trofimovičs, Edvīns Miklaševičs, Jānis Gardovskis
Vaginal microbial ecosystem changes in patients with cervical precancerous lesions in Latvia
Irina Jermakova, Dace Rezeberga, Jana Žodžika
Investigation of the cell surface chemokine receptors CCR1 and CCR2 in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Irina Spaka, Artjoms Spaks, Anda Kadisa, Peteris Studers, Marina Soloveichika, Alla Rivkina, Sandra Lejniece, Modra Murovska, Irina Holodnuka
Paediatric chronic myelogenous leukaemia presenting as b cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
Arturs Uzars, Irina Rudaka, Sergey Nikulshin, Inguna Grivina, Zhanna Kovalova, Zelma Visnevska-Preciniece

Section VI

Features of osseous structure of TMJ in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis – CBCT study
Hadeel Al-Shwaikh, Ilga Urtāne

Section VII

Spare parts surgery
Dzintars Ozols
Retrospective functional outcome and X-ray analysis of patients with symphysis disruption in association with posterior pelvic ring injury in Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopeadics (2009–2013)
Igors Terjajevs, Maris Zambrans, Rolands Gibners
Pulsed radiofrequency increase biomarkers expression in the lumbar dorsal root ganglion of the domestic porcine
Mihails Arons, Māra Pilmane, Edgars Vasiļevskis, Irina Evansa, Igors Paņihins
Rasch analysis of the functional independence measure Latvian version
Guna Bērziņa, Anita Vētra

Section VIII


Collective memories and society integration issues in context of inter-generation dialogue
Deniss Hanovs


Production of Hoffmann-La Roche (Roche) branded medicines Sirolin and Tonikum in Latvia 1927–1940
Katharina Rudolf, Juris Salaks


Impacts of Information and Communication Technologies on the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Bilgin Ozkan


Notarial act as a main form of the inheritance by contract institutions: problematic issues
Edvard Pilipson
Inheritance by contract institutions legal structure problematic issues
Edvard Pilipson
Football-related offences
Karina Matvijčuka


EU banking union: complex effect for the member states
Eugene Eteris


Sociodemographic characteristics of over-the-counter medicines’ users in Latvia
Ieva Salmane-Kulikovska, Signe Dobelniece


Signs, symptoms and interpretations ‒ creating meaning in medical consultation
Raimo Puustinen

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