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4th International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference


Intergenerational Solidarity: Problems and Solutions, Reality and Perspectives

22–23 November 2012


The aim of the Conference is to bring together a range of leading researchers and theorists from across Europe to advance an understanding of generational relations, in terms of the state and the family and how they are interlinked. It will be of interest to academics, researchers, specialists of health care and rehabilitation, social work practitioners, public relations specialists, economists, legal professionals, students in sociology, social policy and aging, as well as to policy makers concerned with the implications of demographic and policy changes.

The official language of the conference is English.


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Mutual understanding, cooperation, honour, respect, support and concern between various age groups is the most valuable capital of humane society indeed, as well as prerequisite for its sustainable and continuous development.

Diversity of age, gender, ethnicity, history, background, language and other characteristics is now common in our society of global economy. An aging society may bring with it a growing age polarization, as the young are asked to make sacrifices for a rapidly growing population of elderly citizens. As we live, work, and stay active in our communities into our older years, opportunities for generational conflict increase. The issue is often posed in terms as “generational conflicts” or the “generation gap”. Is the generation gap a myth or is it a reality? What is our attitude to aging, to ideal qualities of life, to norms and needs for each generation, and even more so, for each person? How to secure economic and socio-political life’s succession in society? How to preserve and maintain intergenerational solidarity in a rapidly growing population of elderly people in our societies?

It is important for all of us to consider where and when we will seek and nurture intergenerational communication, relationship-building and solidarity. This may be a central principle of our mutual concern and it deserves attention for justice, quality and equality studies. Becoming skilled at dealing with others across many lines of diversity, especially age diversity is becoming a prerequisite for both personal and professional success in our fast changing world.

The aspects of mutual understanding and relationships among various age groups are the concern of this Conference:

  • Socioeconomic aspects: the ideal quality of life; expecting to live longer and healthier; expecting to prolong active employment, social and political life’s involvement; unemployment; creating conditions for all to realize capabilities for market fairness, efficient allocation of resources; reducing inequality in the nature of competition at workplace; adjustment for change; social security and retirement;

  • Generational solidarity within the family: psychological and emotional security, well-being; cooperation among various age groups; concern for elderly; raising the young; managing of household and family matters;

  • Information and life-long learning;

  • Health and social care, social assistance: health care assistance, social care; prevention and assessment of rehabilitation’s quality; social service; active life-style;

  • Intergenerational dialogue in society: the role of news-media in creating of generation’s image in the public; stereotypes; culture, traditions, life-styles;

  • Intergenerational social and judicial aspects, intergenerational justice: civic participation; social and legal barriers; intolerance, discrimination, segregation, etc.

Registration fee

  • Standard (from 21 October till 22 November 2012):
    • € 120.00 (LVL 85.00) – full participants
    • € 70.00 (LVL 50.00) – associate participants
  • Students: € 35.00 (LVL 25.00)

The fee covers participation at the conference, lunch and social evening. It does not cover travel expenses and accommodation.

Please transfer the conference fee to the following account:

Beneficiary bank name: SEB BANKA
Beneficiary's account: LV73UNLA0010001700531
Beneficiary's title: Latvijas Rehabilitacijas profesionalo organizaciju apvieniba
Beneficiary address: Asaru prospekts 61, Jurmala, LV-2008
Beneficiary country: Latvia
Beneficiary's ID: 40008011394
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The Conference papers will be posted on the SHS Web of Conferences and published in a separate book. Collection of papers will be submitted to the ISI, Scopus and other data bases. Articles will be made available for peer reviews.

Collection of papers from the Third Conference will be available during this year's conference (22 & 23 November) as well as in the ISI and Scopus databases.

Conference Coordinators

Olafs Brūveris, Dr. Theol., Asst. Prof., GSM: +371 26511739, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.        

Iveta Dūma, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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