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Wednesday, 26 November

Venue: RSU Medical Education Technology Centre, 26A Anniņmuižas Blvd, Room 130 (Conference Hall)

13:00–14:00 Registration / Welcome coffee
14:00–14:30 Opening of Conference:
  • Professor Jānis Gardovskis, Rector of RSU
  • Professor Aivars Vētra, RSU Rehabilitation Days, President
  • Aija Barča, Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Social and Employment Affairs Committee

Plenary Session #1; moderators: Uldis Berķis, Ģirts Briģis (Latvia)

Family Policy in Latvia
Ieva Jaunzeme, Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia
EU Public Health Policy: Corss-Sectoral Approach to Human Capital and Social Security
Inna Dovladbekova, Eugene Eteris, Rīga Stradiņš University
Changing Families – Challenges for Family Policy Improvement in Latvia
Līga Āboliņa, Pēteris Zvidriņš, University of Latvia
Family Health and Quality of Life and Its Influencing Conditions
Katharina Schulmann, European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (Austria)
Ensuring Gender Equality in Providing Social Services for Families at Risk
Jolanta Pivorienė, Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania)
Children Left Behind – Description of the Situation in Latvia, Problems and Need for Policy Development
Ilze Trapenciere, Anna Trapenciere, University of Latvia
Family as a Value in Changing Society
Zbigņevs Stankevičs, Metropolitan Archbishop of Rīga
16:40–17:30 Poster Presentations: Talking Circles (CLICK ON THE TAB BELOW FOR FULL DETAILS)
17:30–20:30 Welcome party

Thursday, 27 November

Venue: RSU Medical Education Technology Centre, 26A Anniņmuižas Blvd, Room 130 (Conference Hall)

9:00–9:30 Registration  
9:30–11:30 Plenary Session #2; moderators: Anda Rožukalne (Latvia), Leona Stašová (Czech Republic)  
New Media Face to Face – Parental Monitoring as a Key Factor of Prevention
Leona Stašová (Czech Republic)
Communication of Social Problems in the Internet News Sites in Latvia: Journalism, Algorithms and Audience Aggressiveness
Anda Rožukalne, Rīga Stradiņš University
Indentification of the Main Problems in Social Work with Low-Income Families
Andrea Bánovčinová, Katarina Levická (Slovakia)
Quality of Social Services for Older People. Assessment in Lithuania: Tendencies and Main Issues
Irena Žemaitaitytė, Alina Petrauskienė, Sarmitė Mikulionienė, Leta Dromantienė (Lithuania)
How to Build Culture of Participation in Social Services for Children and Youth
Pavel Navrátil (Czech Republic)
Cheating in Close Relationships: Experience, Coping, Outcomes
Tatiana Kryukova, Natalya Shipova (Russia)
Innovative Social Service Delivery Practices for Families with Children: Case Study of Vidzeme Planning Region
Anna Broka (Latvia)
Meditation for Resolving Family Disputes
Marina Kameņecka-Usova (Latvia)
11:30–12:00 Coffee break  
Session I:
Family and Children's Well-Being
(Room 130, Conference Hall)
Vilmantė Aleksienė (Lithuania),
Ursula Rieke (Germany)
Session II:
Social Innovations & Rehabilitation
(Room 146)
Signe Tomsone (Latvia),
Vylius Leonavičius (Lithuania)
Session III:
International Symposium of Young Researchers (Room 145)
Inga Millere (Latvia),
Justinas Sadauskas (Lithuania)
Moral and Psyschological Climate in the Family for Marriage Sustainability and Giving Birth
Indra Tretjakova (Latvia)
Psychosocial Counselling for Prenatal Diagnosis of Trisomie 21 – The Effects of Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnostics in Germany
Ursula Rieke (Germany)
Psychosocial Adaptability. Teen with Cerebral Palsy in Difficult Situations
Tatiana Rogacheva, Irina Timofeeva (Russia)
Empowerment of the Relation with an Autistic Child within the Family (Provided by the Use of Folk Games)
Solveiga Zvicevičienė, Vilmantė Aleksienė (Lithuania)
Leisure Time of Families with Children Suffering from Asperger's Syndrome
Monika Žumárová (Czech Republic)
Football and Family Violence: Learning from the Experience of Great Britain
Karīna Zalcmane (Latvia)
Life after Domestic Violence: Women's Stories
Līga Rasnača, Endija Rezgale-Straidoma (Latvia)
The Role of Family in the Experience of the Fear of Death in Adulthood
Irina Gorkovaya, Anastasia Bakanova (Russia)
Criminological Aspect of the Role of Family in Sexual Crimes
Aldona Kipāne (Latvia)
Social Exclusion of Chronically Ill People
Vylius Leonavičius (Lithuania)
Equal Opportunities for Young People: Results of Subjective Well-Being Research in Salaspils Municipality
Inga Jēkabsone, Biruta Sloka (Latvia)
Social Innovations Between Necessity and Opportunity
Uldis Berķis, Iveta Ozolanta, Justīne Vīķe, Jeļena Blazarene (Latvia)
User Involvement in Research: Experience from the Research Circle in Latvia within the Project Innovage WP2
Signe Tomsone, Liene Saukuma, Zane Liepiņa (Latvia), Björn Slaug, Maria Haak, Susanne Iwarsson (Sweden)
Physiotherapy Approach and Informal Caregiver. Inolvement in Adult Rehabilitation: Narrative Analysis of Physiotherapists' Experience
Jeļizaveta Lieldidža-Kolbina, Daina Šmite, Rimma Beļikova (Latvia)
Chronic Pain Experience and Social Support in Seniors: A Phenomenological Analysis
Anna Hohlova, Daina Šmite (Latvia)
The Rate of the Musculoskeletal Pathology Assessment for Military Personnel and Civil Population
Liāna Pļaviņa, Helēna Kārkliņa, Anita Villeruša, Iveta Vīksne (Latvia)
The Influence of Physical Activities on the Fine Motor Skills and the Angle of Peripheral Vision in Young People
Eva Ramuse, Daina Voita, Laura Valuže, Juris Porozovs (Latvia)
Lung Volumes Related to Physical Activity, Aerobic Capacity and Body Mass Index in Students
Anna Mihailova, Irēna Kaminska (Latvia)
Services of Speech Therapist as well as Possibilities of Medical Rehabilitation in Home Health Care in Latvia
Ilze Vāciete, Ina Kovaļeva, Svetlana Stepāne, Ilze Blūmentāle, Kristīne Krastiņa (Latvia)
Transformation Trend of the Institution of Family. Family as a Value, Expectations, Family Policy
Romaniia Silinsh, Anna Martyniuk (Ukraine)
Men and Women as Principals of Psychosocial Counselling after Prenatal Diagnosis of Two Different Perspectives and the Opportunity for a Further Development in the Praxis of Psychosocial Counselling
Julian Sehmer (Germany)
Public Health Policy and Labour Rights in the World Trade Organization
Giga Abuseridze (Georgia)
Health Literacy – Different Meanings but a Common Purpose
Inese Stars (Latvia)
Supervision and Ethical Dilemmas in Social Work
Ilze Dreifelde (Latvia)
Social Work Practice Development in Nursing before Latvia Re-Gained Its Independence
Olga Fokina, Inga Millere, Liāna Deklava, Kristaps Circenis (Latvia)
Experiences of Social Workers Providing Palliative Care for Dying Patients in the Institutions of Palliative Care and their Ways to Overcome Stress
Justinas Sadauskas, Skaistė Benošytė (Lithuania)
Decent Work for Youth
Lolita Vilka, Marika Smirnova (Latvia)
The Availability of Rehabilitation Services to Patients with Chronic Back Pain in the Northeastern Region of Latvia
Rimma Beļikova, Māra Kuļša, Jeļizaveta Lieldidžus-Kolbina (Latvia)
Dance Movement Therapy for Patients with Eating Disorder: Model of Expressive Therapies Continuum
Simona Orinska, Kristīne Vende, Indra Majore-Dūšele, Anda Upmale (Latvia)



Poster Presentations: Talking Circles (CLICK ON THE TAB BELOW FOR FULL DETAILS)


Session I (continued):
Family and Children's Well-Being
(Room 130, Conference Hall)
Daina Šmite (Latvia),
Marketa Rusnáková (Slovakia)
Session IV:
Work and Well-Being
(Room 145)
Sandra Mihailova,
Ženija Roja (Latvia)
Session V:
Society and Law
(Room 146)
Andrejs Vilks (Latvia),
Ando Leps (Estonia)
Public Resources Allocated for Medication of Children in Latvia
Diāna Arāja (Latvia)
Development of the Integrated Assistance Models to the Child at Institutional and Inter-Institutional Levels
Valdonė Indrašienė, Odeta Merfeldaitė, Asta Railienė, Violeta Suboč (Lithuania)
Analyses of Children Fear Reasons in Medical Institutions
Inga Krakope, Daina Voita, Astra Bukulīte (Latvia)
Representing a Child in Health Care Institutions
Brigita Kairienė (Lithuania)
Family and Peer Environment in Creating Motivation for Smoking Cessastion Among Students
Olga Toussova, Elena Isaeva, Olga Pavlova (Russia)
Research of Values. Young Adults from Chilrdren's Homes in Slovakia
Marketa Rusnáková (Slovakia)
Use of Natural Plant Extracts in Improvement of Life Quality
Ināra Nokalna, Līga Žūka, Andrejs Šķesters, Uģis Klētnieks (Latvia)
Family Involvement in Acute Rehabilitation of a Patient with Traumatic C3-C4 Spinal Cord Incomplete Injury. Case Report
Anna Trušina, Illa Mihejeva, Aivars Vētra, Jeļena Civako, Māris Buks (Latvia)
Movement Qualities of Health and Illness. Construction of Effort Evaluation Tool and First Results with Different Patient Groups
Indra Majore-Dūšele, Una Rēķe, Astra Fogele, Evija Frolova (Latvia)
Quality of Working Life Expectations and Capacity
Monta Mokanu (Latvia)
Job Satisfaction and Basic Vital Need Satisfaction among Working Women
Ilona Kaļva, Dmitrijs Širjajevs (Latvia)
Well-Being and Work – Related Stress Among Latvian Office Workers
Dagmāra Sprūdža, Svetlana Lakiša, Renārs Erts, Mārīte Ārija Baķe, Ivars Vanadziņš, Lāsma Kozlova, Inese Mārtiņsone (Latvia)
Integrated Treatment for Working Married Couples Suffering from Stress
Ināra Roja, Ženija Roja, Henrijs Kaļķis (Latvia)
Indoor Air Pollution and Related Health Disorders for Office Workers in Latvia
Mārīte Ārija Baķe, Žanna Martinsone, Anita Seile, Dagmāra Sprūdža, Svetlana Lakiša, Pāvels Sudmalis, Mairita Grāvele (Latvia)
Reducing the Poverty Rate in Latvia: the Effect of the Tax Benefit Reforms
Anna Ždanoviča (Latvia)
Psychologic Aspects of Monetary Behaviour Among Latvian Youth
Sandra Mihailova (Latvia)
Equal Opportunities for Pre-School Age Children to Receive ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care) Services in Vidzeme Region
Katrīne Reima (Latvia)
Whence Comes the Legislation, in Particular the Criminal Legalisation as the Basis of Criminal Investigation
Ando Leps (Estonia)
Assessment of Public Protection of the Legal Interests of Co-Owners
Inga Kudeikina (Latvia)
Sexual Services, Drug Trafficking, People Smuggling – in GDP Figures: Population's Quality of Life Indicators
Andrejs Vilks (Latvia)
The Administrative Courts Control Mechanism in Examining the Health Inspectorates Executed Health Care Quality Control
Aldis Liepiņš (Latvia)
Public Legal Meaning of the Warning of a Debtor and Consequences for Undisputed Compulsory Execution of Liabilities
Andris Pešudovs (Latvia)
Interaction of Constitutional Court and Social Community
Kristaps Zariņš (Latvia)
Housing Loan Support Programme – Expectations and Reality
Rolands Neilands (Latvia)
Problems and Continuity of Defence Provided by State in Criminal Procedure
Vitālijs Platpirs (Latvia)
War and Society
Vita Upeniece (Latvia)
The Risks of Using Continuous Deep Palliative Sedation within the Context of Euthanasia
Rihards Polaks (Latvia)
Workshop: Informative and Educative Psychosocial Programme Designed for Young Families
(Room: to be specified)
Moderators: Inese Sūniņa, Ilvija Razgale (Latvia)
Interpreter: Olafs Brūvers (Latvia)


Venue: RSU, Hippocrates Lecture-Theatre, 16 Dzirciema Street

8:30–19:00 2nd Conference of Speech Therapists
8:30–9:30 Registration
9:30–9:45 Opening Ceremony with Christina Dravins and Inga Rutmane-Lazda
The Mouth is More than a Row of Teeth. The Benefits of Oro-Myofunctional Therapy
Berry Verlinden
An Insight into the Use and Effectiveness of Orthodontic Platelets
Niels Hulsink
Interdisciplinary Approach in Cooperation of Osteopathic and Speech and Language Specialists
Līga Timmermane
Technologies and Their Use in Audiologist-Speech Therapist's Work
Christina Dravins
13:30–14:30 Lunch
Adult Hearing Loss and Brain Plasticity
Victoria McDonnell
An Insight into Tomatis Method
Laine Aigare
Epidemiological Data about Children with Speech and Language Disorders in Limbaži Region
Andra Vabale
Varied Methods of Alternative Communication for Autism Therapy
Jekaterina Tumaševiča
Action of Audiologist-Speech Therapists in Home Care
Ina Kovaļeva, Ilze Vāciete, Svetlana Stepāne, Ilze Blūmentāle
17:20–17:30 Book Presentation
17:30–19:00 Coffee, Posters, Discussions

Friday, 28 November

Venue: RSU, Great Hall, 16 Dzirciema Street

9:00–9:30 Registration
9:30–12:30 Plenary Session: Anniversary Forum / Student Forum
E-Resource in Speech and Language Therapy Practice
Christina Dravins (Sweden)
Carita Nygren (Sweden)
Social Innovation in Long-Term Care for Older People in Europe, Its Drivers and Barriers
Katharine Schulmann (Germany)
Adult Hearing Loss and Brain Plasticity
Victoria McDonnell (Australia)
Susanne Iwarsson (Sweden)
12:30–14:00 Lunch
14:00–17:00 RSU Faculty of Rehabilitation 20th Anniversary Conference
14:00–14:30 Opening Ceremony
20th Anniversary of the Faculty of Rehabilitation – The Creation of Rehabilitation Sector in Latvia and the Future of Rehabilitation
Aivars Vētra (Latvia)
Global Aspects of Rehabilitation and Disability Limitation
Aiga Rūrāne, Head of WHO Latvian Office
Research Role in the Rehabilitation Sector
Signe Tomsone, Daina Šmite (Latvia)

Musical Performance by Agnese Rakovska


Honorary Doctorate Awards

16:00–17:00 Welcome
19:00–1:00 University Reunion

Poster presentations

Wednesday, 26 November & Thursday, 27 November

Venue: RSU Medical Education Technology Centre, 26A Anniņmuižas Blvd, Room 130 (Conference Hall)

Moderators: Olafs Brūvers, Marika Smirnova (Latvia)


1 Role of the Family, Friends and Significant Others in Providing Social Support to Cancer Patients Ľubica Bánovčinová, Martina Bašková (Slovakia)
2 The Difficulties with the European Union's Financial Sector's Legal Regulation Lauris Bočs (Latvia)
3 Factors of Vocational Education Learners' Behaviour within the Socialization Biruta Briško (Latvia)
4 The Partnership Between Social Care Institution and Parents: Family-Centred Care for Children with Special Needs Lolita Cibule, Anda Pukste, Ilze Riņķe, Vēsma Priedīte, Lāsma Jēgere (Latvia)
5 The Phenomenon of Social Risk and Its Dynamics in Lithuania Vida Gudzinskienė, Rimvydas Augustavičius (Lithuania)
6 The Provision of Day Care Services to the Children in Need Vida Gudzinskienė, Rimvydas Augustavičius (Lithuania)
7 The Role of ICT in Contemporary Families Petra Kalibová (Czech Republic)
8 Social Deviance in the Textbooks for Primary Schools Martina Kaliba, Petra Kalibová (Czech Republic)
9 Integrative Approach Used for the Development of the Theoretical Concept of the New Clinical Multidimensional Personality Test Jeļena Koļesņikova, Viktorija Perepjolkina, Kristīne Mārtinsone, Ainārs Stepens (Latvia)
10 The Prevalence and the Socio – Economic Costs of Smoking Among the Working Age Population in Latvia Anita Kokarēviča (Latvia)
11 Social Worker Involvement in Identifying Problems and Needs of Family with Mentally Ill Members Nadežda Kovalčikova, Katarína Letovancová (Slovakia)
12 Assessment of Parents' Life Skills from Families at Risk in Social Work Practice Gita Krūmiņa, Ilvija Razgale (Latvia)
13 The Family of a Delinquent Child Daniela Květenská (Czech Republic)
14 Unemployment Problems in Kandava Region Ints Leitarts (Latvia)
15 Possibilities of Research of Anomie in Latvian Society Jeļena Ļevina, Kristīne Mārtinsone, Jeļena Koļesņikova, Viktorija Perepjolkina (Latvia)
16 Resocialisation Programme Miriam as a Christian Subculture Group in Female Prison Rudīte Losāne (Latvia)
17 Movement Qualities of Health and Illness. Construction of Effort Evaluation Tool and First Results with Different Patient Groups Inda Majore-Dūšele, Una Rēķe, Astra Fogele, Evija Frolova (Latvia)
18 Study Delays Among Pupils and Its Prevention at the General Education Institutions in Latvia Ivans Jānis Mihailovs (Latvia)
19 Evaluation Results of Paid Temporary Public Work Project Mārtiņš Moors, Ruta Klimkāne (Latvia)
20 Video as a Participatory Tool in Social Intervention: the Community Video Experience Workshop Mario Montez (Portugal)
21 Music and Movement in Music Therapy Mirdza Paipare, Alīda Samuseviča (Latvia)
22 Ownership Tendencies of Subterranean Depths Use in the Republic of Latvia Kārlis Piģēns (Latvia)
23 Influence of Errors in Prescriptions on the Security of Medicine Kristīne Puķe, Kristīne Spalva, Inga Urtāne (Latvia)
24 Family as the Value of the Gynaecologist's Perspective Margarita Puķīte (Latvia)
25 Regulatory Framework for Partnership and Possible Changes in Latvia Lidija Rozentāle (Latvia)
26 The Practical Value of Advanced Simulators in Education of Students Marina Šarkele, Indulis Vanags, Oļegs Sabeļņikovs (Latvia)
27 The Social Work Field – One of the Ingredients of Social Inclusion Policy Ilze Skrodele-Dubrovska (Latvia)
28 Intergenerational Coping in a Family Setting: Empirical Research Results Marija Saporovskaja (Russia)
29 Osteopontin, Osteocalcin and Osteoprotegerin Expression in Facial Tissue of Children with Cleft Lip and Palate Liene Smane, Māra Pilmane, Ilze Akota (Latvia)
30 5th Year Students' Confidence in their Practical Skills Before and After Working with SimMan 3G Edijs Šmagris, Oļegs Sabeļņikovs, Roberts Rezgalis, Ingre Toča, Artūrs Balodis (Latvia)
31 Comparative Analysis of Outreach Work with Street Children in Latvia, Czech Republic and India Marika Smirnova, Laura Leikuma (Latvia), Manjushaa Gopalswamy Battle Batle (India)
32 Emotional Well-Being and Physical Functions: Relationship Between Anxiety and Muscle Strength in Healthy Adults Daina Šmite, Līna Heinacka (Latvia)
33 Family as a High-Risk Institution Martin Smutek (Czech Republic)
34 The Causes of Low Adherence in Patients with Antihypertensive Therapy Kristīne Spalva, Inga Urtāne, Kristīne Puķe, Silvija Bērziņa, Dace Bandere (Latvia)
35 As One of the Factors that Increase Regional Performance Aivars Stankevičs (Latvia)
36 An Assessment of the Clinical Results of the Treatment for Ankle Lateral Ligament Strain Mārtiņš Tēcis (Latvia)
37 Older Adult Education in Lithuanian Ageing Society Irena Žemaitaitytė (Lithuania)

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