Proposed subjects for presentations

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Proposed subjects for paper presentations and posters at Society Health Welfare 2014:

  • Transformation trend of the institution of family (family models, social economic and cultural processes impact on the family; family as a value, expectations, family policy; family in community: urban and rural differences, social contacts; social engagement and participation in policy processes)

  • Problems and solutions of the material prosperity of the family (work and income, workers’ poverty, income redistribution, family business; needs and resources for support of the family; household; urban and rural differences)

  • Family health and quality of life, the influencing conditions (health, access to health care; reproductive health; mental health rehabilitation)

  • Public health, social innovations for active way of life and family welfare (nutritional security; sport; exercise as a contribution to the health; health hazard risks, the prevention of)

  • Generational links and relations in the family, family stability and sustainability factors (education; gender equality; emotional well-being; intergenerational relations; culture and traditions)

  • Family and society role in the promotion of equal opportunities for children and young people (education; health; work; free time; active life position: participation and involvement; use of IT)

  • Threats and risks to family security, and their prevention (family legal aspects; conflicts and violence prevention; deviance and crime risks; children and adolescent safety, safety in the Internet)

  • Family support services, social security – promotion and protection (income security and poverty prevention; risk families; social inclusion; social work; social innovations of service improvement)

Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact the head of the organizing committee Mrs Lolita Vilka at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.