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RSU issues new book on occupational and environmental medicine

08:14, 03 February, 2015
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Dundurs vaksOn 5 February a new book by RSU professor Jānis Dundurs Environmental & Occupational Medicine was presented at RSU library.

The book covers all essential aspects of environmental and occupational medicine. The issues related to air, water, populated areas, as well as nutritional toxicology, quality and safety are discussed in the book as ecological components of the environment. Separate chapters of the book are dedicated to occupational environment and assessment of the impact of environmental risk factors on human body. The target audience of the book is international medical students. Environmental and occupational medicine is closely related to other fields of environmental science and public health, therefore, the book is also targeted at environmental and public health experts of various fields, environmental and occupational inspectors, occupational therapists, ecologists and other interested persons.

The book is already available at RSU library.

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