Library Rules and Regulations

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by Rector’s Decree No. 2-3/171
of 25 August 2016
Issued in conformity with Section 21, Paragraph Two of the Library Law


1.1. Rīga Stradiņš University Library (hereinafter referred to as – the Library) is a structural unit of Rīga Stradiņš University (hereinafter referred to as – RSU) without the status of a separate legal entity. The Library provides the academic and scientific work of RSU with information resources, takes part in providing information to the Latvian healthcare professionals, as well as fosters the process of continuing education by means of providing information services.
1.2. The Library Rules and Regulations shall govern provision of services to the Users, use of the information materials and systems, types of free and paid services, determination of overdue fines, compensation for loss, the rights and duties of the Library Users, as well as other issues related to the Library.
1.3. The Library Users shall have access to the following service points:
1.3.1. Information Centre – an Open Access Reading Room;
1.3.2. Binding and Laminating;
1.3.3. Open Access Loan;
1.3.4. Interlibrary Loan;
1.3.5. Library Cash Desk;
1.3.6. The World Health Organization Depository Library in Latvia;
1.3.7. Library branch – Information Centre for Latvian Health Care Professionals (hereinafter referred to as – ICLHCP), Jāņa Asara iela 5, Rīga;
1.3.8. The Library of RSU Liepāja Branch, Riņķu iela 24/26, Liepāja;
1.3.9. Library branch at RSU Medical Education Technology Centre, Anniņmuižas bulvāris 26a, Riga.
1.4. The rates for the Library paid services shall be approved by the rector of RSU.
1.5. The Library Rules and Regulations shall be binding to the entire RSU staff and other users of the Library.
1.6. The Annexes thereafter shall be an integral part of the Library Rules and Regulations.


2.1. The Library User shall be any legal or physical entity using the Library services after having registered as an RSU Library User.
2.1.1. Cooperation agreements shall be concluded with legal entities.
2.2. Any legal or physical entity shall become the Library User after following the procedure of registration at any of the Library Services Centres.
2.3. The Library User classification shall be as follows:
2.3.1. Frequent Users – RSU students, academic and general staff;
2.3.2. Other Users – students of other educational establishments, persons employed in the field of health care, experts of related disciplines and other registered Users of RSU Library;
2.3.3. Distant Users – healthcare professionals having completed distant registration (Annex No. 3).


3.1. For the Frequent Users:
3.1.1. RSU students – a valid RSU Student Card, student card of RSU Red Cross Medical College (hereinafter – RCMC) and/or the Unified Reader’s Card (hereinafter referred to as – the URC);
3.1.2. other RSU staff – RSU Staff Card;
3.2. For Other Users – the URC or identification cards equivalent to the URC and recognized by "Culture Information System Centre".
3.3. For Distant Users – the URC shall be processed at any of the Library Services Centres in person.
3.4. The URC holder is not allowed to hand over the card or its equivalents to third parties.


4.1. The Library Users shall have the right to use the Library services in accordance with the requirements of the present Rules and Regulations.
4.2. The Frequent Users shall have the right to use the entire scope of the Library services.
4.3. Other Users shall have the right to use the services provided by the Information Centre – Open Access Reading Room, Library branch at RSU Medical Education Technology Centre, Library branch at RSU Liepāja Branch and the ICLHCP. Only the information materials provided by the World Health Organization Depository Library and those of the ICLHCP (excluding inquiry materials) shall be available to other Users for use outside the Library premises.
4.4. The Users shall have the right to acquire information on the Library stock.
4.5. The Frequent Users shall have the right to obtain printed material and other documents or their copies from the Library stock for use outside the Library premises, or obtain said materials from the stock of other libraries, including foreign libraries, in the event of non-existence of the ordered documents within the Library stock.
4.6. All Users of the Library shall have access to the Internet in accordance with the RSU rules, including the wireless module, as well as shall have the right to print, scan and copy documents, observing the restrictions related to use of intellectual property as set out in the Copyright Law.
4.7. The User shall have the right to donate information materials, technical appliances as well as to provide monetary endowments to the Library.
4.8. The following restrictions shall apply to use of computers and electronic resources:
4.8.1. the User shall have the right to use only the programmes placed at their disposal;
4.8.2. the databases must be used at all times in accordance with the Rules and Regulations pertaining to non-commercial purposes;
4.8.3. information storage and search retrieval shall not be provided beyond the current session;
4.8.4. the following actions shall be prohibited at all times: making copies or amending the files that were not created by the User; deliberately changing the options settings, restarting or logging off the computer.
4.9. The User shall have the right to submit suggestions regarding improvements of the Library services to the Library Director.


5.1. The Librarians shall be the point of contact to answer the questions related to the information on the Library stock, checkout of information materials, working regulations, as well as other questions pertaining to the Library use.
5.2. The Bibliographers shall provide the following information services: bibliographic etc. directory inquiries, practical help on use of the Library catalogues, card files and electronic information materials, as well as shall provide differentiated informational services based on individual requirements of the Frequent Users.
5.3. The User shall present RSU Student Card, RCMC Student Card, RSU Staff Card, URC or its equivalent upon their visit to any of the Library Services Centres.
5.4. Information on the Library Services Centres, their opening hours and location shall be provided in Annex No. 1 of the present Rules and Regulations. RSU webpage shall provide the current information.
5.4.1. the Users are asked to follow the changes of the Library opening hours during summer (the middle of July – the beginning of the academic year);
5.4.2. the last Friday of every month (except examination period) shall be the Library Clean-up day. The Users shall not have access to the Library services during the Clean-up days.


6.1. RSU Frequent Users are entitled to borrow resources from Open Access Loan (Dzirciema iela 16) for an entire semester or 2 weeks. A single user is entitled to have no more than 5 information resources with status “2 weeks” at a time and no more than 15 information resources with a status “semester” at a time.
6.2. The following procedure shall be applied for the issue of information sources in Library Reading Rooms:
6.2.1. Information sources that are available in a single copy at the Reading Room and reference publications shall not be issued for use outside the Library, except books in social sciences (at Reading Room, Dzirciema 16) that are marked with a red label (these books shall be issued for a period of three days and no more than 2 items for a single user at a time). Materials of World Health Organization Depository Library in Latvia (Dzirciema iela 16) shall be issued for a period of maximum 2 weeks (excluding inquiry materials).
6.2.2. Library Users are entitled to obtain information sources multiple copies whereof are available at the Reading room for use at home overnight or for a weekend (Night Loan). These information sources might be obtained during the last half an hour before library closing time and they should be returned back on the next day within half an hour from the moment of opening of the Reading Room. Should the User fail to return the information source in time, penalty payment shall be imposed on the User (upon objective evaluation of the reasons for the delay) and User’s access to Night Loan might be rejected.
6.3. Terms and procedure of checkout of information resources at Library branches:
6.3.1. The following persons are entitled to use the ICLHCP home subscription services: RSU academic and general staff and medical students starting from the third year of studies, persons employed in the field of health care and professionals of related fields;
6.3.2. RSU RCMC students and academic staff shall obtain ICLHCP resources for a particular period in conformity with the study programme;
6.3.3. Information sources at RSU Library Branch RSU Medical Education Technology Centre, Anniņmuižas bulvāris 26a, shall be issued for a particular period in conformity with the study programme.
6.3.4. Information sources at RSU Liepāja Branch shall be issued for a particular period in conformity with the study programme.
6.4. Should the information source be required for a longer period, the loan extension is available provided that the item is not requested by other Users. The loan period shall be renewed at the Library, via e-mail or on the phone.
6.5. The Registered Users shall be eligible to order the information materials non-existent within the Library stock, at the Interlibrary Loan. In order to obtain said information materials, the Registered Users shall fill out the Interlibrary Loan request form (including, electronically on the Library website) or shall make a request via email.
6.6. The information material obtained at the Interlibrary Loan shall be issued for local use at the Reading Rooms.
6.7. In order to obtain a copy of the requested journal article from the Interlibrary Loan, the User shall pay the requested sum of money at the Library Cash Desk or shall make a bank transfer payment in accordance with the Library rates.


7.1. Upon registration or re-registration with the Library, the Library User must present a valid ID card, get acquainted with the Library Rules and Regulations, as well as acknowledge observance of said Rules and Regulations and the authenticity of information by signing User Registration Form (Annex No. 2).
7.2. The User must handle the Library information materials with care, must not damage them and make notes, must immediately inform the librarian about the damage of the materials detected upon their checkout.
7.3. Should the Library staff member detect damage upon return of the information source, the User shall compensate for the damage caused to the Library within a period of 1 (one) month in accordance with the price list of the paid services.
7.4. The information materials checked out for use outside the Library premises must be registered by the librarian, and the User must observe the loan duration.
7.5. Should the User fail to observe the loan duration period of the information material, return the materials on time or make timely loan renewals, the User shall pay a penalty payment within a period of 1 (one) month in accordance with the price list;
7.6. Should the RSU student have an existing loan debt for a previous year of studies, the User shall lose the right to obtain information materials for use outside the Library premises as of the beginning of the next year of studies (1 September or 1 February), whereas, after two months (accordingly – from 1 November or 1 April) the User shall loose the right to use services provided by the Library, and the librarian shall block the User and mark him/her as a Debtor in the Unified Reader Data Base (hereinafter – URDB). It does not release the User from academic and other obligations towards RSU.
7.7. Should the RSU student fail to settle a debt at the Library after the exmatriculation from the RSU, the librarian shall block the User and mark him/her as a Debtor in the URDB.
7.8. Should other Users (except those specified in Clauses 7.6. and 7.7.) fail to timely pay the penalty payment or compensate other damages, the Librarian shall block and mark them as Debtors in the URDB.
7.9. The librarian shall unblock and unmark the Debtor solely after the settlement of debts in full amount.
Note. Any of the libraries included in the project Unified Reader’s Card is entitled to refuse to provide services to the Users having been blocked and marked as Debtors in the URDB.
7.10. In case of loss of an information material item, the User must provide a substitute information material item of the same kind with the agreement of the Librarian. Should the User fail to provide a substitute information material item, the value of the lost information resource item must be compensated within a period of 1 (one) month in accordance with its existing market value.
7.11. The User shall be responsible for informing the Library on changes of their residence, workplace, study place, name, surname, address or telephone number during his/her first visit at the Library after the moment of the introduction of the above mentioned changes.
7.12. The User shall observe the Library Rules and Regulations, as well as shall observe their personal conduct in line with the Library User status.
7.13. The User must treat fellow Users of the Library and the Library employees with courtesy and respect at all times.
7.14. The User must observe the requirements of personal hygiene during their stay at the Library premises.
7.15. The User must observe the traditional practice of academic environment while using RSU Internet access.
7.16. The User must settle their financial liabilities towards the Library, should such occur, in a timely manner.
7.17. The User shall be fully responsible for their action and/or lack of action in accordance with the restrictions stipulated in the Copyright Law. Plagiarism, reproduction, reprographic reproduction etc. must not occur by any means.
7.18. The User must observe the instructions of the Library director, employees and RSU employees.
7.19. RSU students who are granted an academic leave or who are exmatriculated are obliged to submit an Exit questionnaire with a mark “No debts at RSU Library” and librarian’s signature and date to the Dean’s Office (RSU RCMC students – to the Study Department).
7.20. The User failing to observe the Library Rules and Regulations or interfering with the research process of the fellow Users or with the work of the Library staff upon librarian’s request shall write an explanatory note. Upon the decision of Vice Rector for Education, repeated misconduct may result in prohibition from using Library services for a period up to 1 (one) month, whereas, in case of several detection of misconduct within a year – up to 3 (three) months. The above mentioned do not relieve the User from academic and other obligations towards RSU.
7.21. Upon registration, the Library User shall agree with their personal data processing for the Library purposes in the objectively necessary amount.


8.1. The User shall be subject to the following prohibitions during their stay in the Library premises:
8.1.1. prohibition to wear outdoor clothing and carry bags;
8.1.2. prohibition to use the mobile phone within the Library premises;
8.1.3. prohibition to carry food within the Library premises;
8.1.4. prohibition to use the Library services under the influence of alcoholic drinks, drugs or any types of toxic substances;
8.1.5. prohibition to participate in or support any type of action harming the reputation of RSU and the principles of its corporate identity, or any type of action causing harm to RSU, its personnel or cooperation partners.
8.2. The User shall be allowed to carry the following items during their stay within the Library Reading Rooms:
8.2.1. transparent plastic files, stationary and paper;
8.2.2. electronic devices for the use of information resources;
8.2.3. personal documents and items of literature necessary for the study process;
8.2.4. other items that are approved by the Library employee.
8.3. The information sources available for use outside the Library premises must be registered with self-service system or with the Library employee.
8.4. The provision and use of Library services for the Users at the Library Reading rooms shall be terminated 5 minutes before the end of business hours at all times.
8.5. The User must not copy, take photographs of and scan the doctoral thesis and academic research and final papers of RSU students.
8.6. The User must observe silence and the Library etiquette while in the Library Reading rooms.


9.1. User Service Centres and opening hours;
9.2. User’s registration form
9.3. Distant User’s registration form.

Signed by Director of RSU Library I. Aploka