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Current projects

COST Action: European Network on myalgic encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome ME/CFS EUROMENE

COST logoAim of the project: to establish common European platform of researchers (ME/CFS) in order to address the research challenges of unknown aetiology, lack of diagnostic biomarkers and limited options of treatment that results to in negative socio-economic impact. For more information, visit the project website


Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe

SHARE L BS LVAAim of project: to obtain data on health, psychological, economic and demographic aspects and social assistance to individuals aged over 50 in various European countries by opening opportunities for research and implementation of welfare and health policy.
For more information, visit the project website

IzMNational Coordinators for the Implementation of the European Programme in the Field of Adult Education

Aim of project: to involve a greater number of adults in lifelong learning activities and reduce fragmentation observed while planning and implementing adult education in Latvia.
For more information, visit the project website

National Identity of Latvian Emigrant Community, Transnational Relations and Diaspora Policy


Aim of project: to analyse the diversity of migration processes and provide policy makers with justified information with an aim to strengthen Latvian diaspora and support nationals willing to return to Latvia.
For more information, visit the project website

ekosoc-logoSocial and Political Transformations in Latvia in the Post-Crisis Period

Aim: to support the societies transformation and understanding of governance processes as precondition for sustainable society; to clarify what are the most socially vulnerable groups’ resilience towards existing risks and what are these groups ability to recover from social risks; to analyse and assess good examples to overcome the social risks.
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Renewal of society through reducing the risk of depopulation, through demographic development and strengthening links with the diaspora

Aim: to create an interdisciplinary, positive experience based of other countries for Latvian regional conditions, suitable and detailed population reproduction, community renewal and diaspora involvement research framework for explaining the regularities in development of society and the labour supply long term solution.
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Implemented projects

Analysis of Risk Factors for the Prevalence of Tuberculosis in LatviaTBC res

Aim of project: to define the impact of tuberculosis risk factors in Latvia and analyse risk conditions having an indirect impact on the disease and develop practical recommendations for the reduction of tuberculosis transmission.
The project was implemented in cooperation with the Department of Infectology and Dermatology, RSU Faculty of Medicine.
Project sponsor: JSC Olainfarm

Normative Data of the Population of Latvia for the SF-36 (The Short Form 360) Health Survey


Aim of project: to obtain data on health condition of the population of Latvia through patient self-assessment and self-reporting and calculate standardised measurement scales that will be applied as a standard in Latvia when comparing various population groups or relevant data obtained in other countries.
The project was implemented in cooperation with the Department of Infectology and Dermatology, RSU Faculty of Medicine.

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