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'C' stands for 'CAPITAL' in CHARMING RIGA

Rīga Castle (1330) on the
right bank of the River Daugava

Since the Middle Ages Rīga has been the central and most important city in the Baltics. In the Middle Ages, Rīga had a busy harbour and it belonged to the Hanseatic League that united merchants of the Baltic Region and Northern Germany.

Rīga is still the political, economical and cultural centre of the country. Many major events and meetings that are set to take place in the Baltics are usually organised in Rīga, e.g. NATO General Assembly summit and World Ice Hockey Championships. In 2003, Rīga hosted the Eurovision Song Contest, having won the previous year.

Since 1990, Rīga has seen several royal visits, with kings and queens from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Spain (etc.) as well as the Emperor of Japan, Prince of Wales and other royal persons coming to the city. US President Bill Clinton visited Latvia in 1994, whereas George W. Bush visited Rīga twice, in 2005 and 2006.

Rīga has also been a stop for many famous artists who have had concerts here, including Sting, Yes, King Crimson, Elton John, James Blunt, Metallica, Limp Bizkit, Enrique Iglesias, B.B. King, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, Marillion, A-ha, Bobby McFerrin, Cesaria Evora, Deep Purple, Joe Cocker, Ringo Starr, Rammstein, Kylie Minogue to name a few.

Another proof for being a major city in the Baltics is Rīga’s International Airport (RIX), only minutes from the city centre, which is one of the fastest growing travel hubs in Europe, providing cheap and easy access to any country in Europe. National airline AirBaltic alone provides flights to numerous European destinations and has carried over 3 million passengers in 2010. RSU is also part of the Ryannair University project, since Ryanair provides cheap and fast flights from Rīga to 15 European cities.

An old legend claims that if the city is ever completed, it will slide down into the vast and deep waters of the River Daugava, and hence the only way for the city to survive, is to continue growing. This is another reason why you should come to Rīga Stradiņš University, to help Riga to improve, develop and grow!

For more information about Rīga, please see the Latvian Tourism website.