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Latvia in brief brochure
Latvia in Brief
Main facts and general
information about Latvia

Location: Capital of the Republic of Latvia, which is bordered by Estonia to the North, Russia to the East, Belarus to the South-East Lithuania to the South and the Baltic Sea to the West.

Geographic coordinates: 56º 57' N, 24º 06' E

Founded: 1201

Inhabitants: 703,500

Territory: 304.05 km2

Time zone: GMT+2

Daylight saving time: +1hr, begins last Sunday in March; ends last Sunday in October

Altitude: between 1 and 10 m above sea level on a flat and sandy plain.

Highest point: Dzegužkalns (28 m)

Rīga has sister cities in all neighbouring countries as well as in some countries that are geographically very far from Latvia:

Australia Cairns
Belarus Minsk
Chile Santiago
China Beijing, Suzhou
Denmark   Aalborg
Estonia Tallinn, Tartu
Finland Pori
France Bordeaux, Calais
Georgia Tbilisi
Germany Bremen, Rostock
Italy Florence
Japan Kobe
Kazakhstan Almaty, Astana
Lithuania Vilnius
The Netherlands   Amsterdam
Poland Warsaw
Russia Moscow, St. Petersburg
Sweden Norrköping, Stockholm
Taiwan Taipei
UK Slough
Ukraine Kiev
USA Dallas (Texas), Providence (Rhode Island)
Uzbekistan Tashkent