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A narrow street in the Old Town

When you come to Rīga, we are pretty sure that you will remember the small but cosy Old Town, which is probably the biggest treasure of the city.

But another thing to remember is the greenness of Rīga. It is said that Copenhagen is a very green city… Well, they should have come to Rīga first!

There are two circles of parks and gardens around the Old Town. The closest one is on both sides of the former defensive fortifications with old ramparts and Rīga Canal in the middle – perfect for walks, talks and having fun with your friends. The other circle is only 100 metres away. It is made of several larger parks (Vērmanes dārzs, Esplanāde, Kronvalda parks and Viestura dārzs a little further away) that are used for various festivals, open air markets during public holidays etc.

People use these parks for outdoor sports such as running, roller-skating, frisbee playing, skateboarding. However, this is just one part of the greenness of Rīga since altogether there are more than 20 parks and gardens with many smaller green areas (squares, hills, etc.) scattered around Riga.


Pārdaugava – the “other side” of the river Daugava where RSU is located – has many parks, Arcadia Park (Arkādijas parks), Victory Park (Uzvaras parks), and the University of Latvia's Botanical Gardens (LU Botāniskais dārzs) being the bigger ones.

Latvian National Opera and the Opera Square

Rīga has always been a centre for different national folklore festivals and celebrations. The most prominent of these is the All Latvian Song Festival (organised every 5 years). It is definitely a sight to see when thousands of singers perform most popular traditional Latvian songs with audience joining in. 

Rīga City Festival which was first organised in 2001, when Rīga celebrated its 800th anniversary has also become a very popular event. It is usually held in late August and offers a wide variety of activities that you can watch or participate in. Usually there are many different concerts, exhibitions, activities celebrating the history of Rīga, the traditional festival fair (market), eatstreet, sports competitions and much more. 


Being the capital of Latvia and by far the biggest city, Rīga is also the centre of sports. Several professional sport teams have Rīga as their hometown. The most popular of them is the ice hockey team 'Dinamo Rīga'. Going to a hockey game in Rīga is another thing to experience since Latvians are said to be the greatest/craziest ice hockey fans in the world. It is especially true when 'Dinamo Rīga' play against top KHL teams – the Arena is fully packed with 10 to 12 thousand people singing and shouting throughout the game.