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Riga14 2Rīga is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Latvia with a population of 717,000. It is also the political, economical and cultural centre of the country and a city of dynamic improvement and change.

It has an enchanting medieval Old Town with a maze of cobbled streets and small cafés littered all around it, and the greatest concentration of 19th and 20th century Art Nouveau architecture in Europe. However, Rīga is not just history, old buildings and museums. You will also find it to be a vibrant modern city with a rich cultural life.

Rīga is often called “The City that Inspires”, and we firmly believe that you’ll find your academic experience here inspiring, too. Choosing Rīga for your studies will be the beginning of an inspiring experience, as you will get to know a different culture, new traditions and above all – new people.

We, along with many others who have visited this city throughout centuries, strongly believe that Rīga is simply CHARMING! Therefore, please see the sections linked to each respective letter of the word – those also include the most important information about Rīga.

Since it is difficult to describe Rīga in words, we welcome you to watch the promotional videos on the left to see a bit what it looks like.

If you want to acquire more information not just about Rīga, but also the whole of Latvia, see the official Latvian Tourism website which provides a wide variety of details on many other subjects not included here.


Brochures about Latvia

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Uniqueness of nature and its values, ecosystems, national parks and reserves
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You are welcome at our table and we wish you "Labu apetīti!"
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Many tourists from abroad and many environmental experts say that the entire country of Latvia is one huge nature park