Association of Dental Students in Latvia

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Association of Dental Students in Latvia (ADS) was founded in 2007 and it unites dental students and alumni. The main goals of the ADS is to unite students of the Faculty of Dentistry and promote cooperation through various courses by actively including students in the social life of the faculty, as well as to promote the cooperation of students and professors.

ADS has organised several thematic, entertaining and scientific events, including faculty Olympics, celebrations of “Smile Day” and the “White Robe Celebrations” – festivities organised for the third-year students prior to the beginning of their work in clinics and work with patients.

The association is planning to contact associations of dental students from other countries and promote the exchange of international information among dental students, as well as to organise various events and conferences.

If you are an active and a progressive student, you are welcome to make the student life more interesting and establish new traditions!



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