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KEMSA logoKurdish European Medical Student Association (KEMSA) works as a network that strives to connect current and prospective medical students with the associated European and Kurdish medical institutes, associations, professionals, agencies and faculties. KEMSA as an organisation operates in a variety of manners to reach its goals and aspirations. These include sharing crucial information concerning the education and studies in various medical faculties in Europe. Furthermore, a vital part of medical education is the practical experience, which KEMSA intends to promote heavily by creating opportunities and internships in Kurdistan for the students from Europe and vice versa. KEMSA will also inform the public and its members about the current health care system and to create awareness about the various medical conditions in Kurdistan.


Who we are

The Kurdish European Medical Student Association (KEMSA) is a non-profit organization founded by two medical students: Reband Ahmed and Aram Azizi. It was established in November of 2013 in the city of Brno of the Czech Republic. At this time KEMSA began its networking via various social media outlets.

Today KEMSA is run by Kurdish medical students from diverse medical universities in Europe and consists of a growing range of members that have come together to establish national committees in the various European countries. During 2013, KEMSA became associated with the umbrella organisation Kurdish European Medical Association (KEMA).


Our primary aims

The primary aim of KEMSA is to unite all Kurdish medical students currently studying in the various medical faculties in Europe, while also subsequently promoting the studies and future practice of its members. KEMSA also intends to bridge the gap between Kurdish medical students in faculties in Kurdistan with their counterparts in Europe.

kemsa-16-2From left to right: Evin Güven, Hellan Asa, Naz Omar, Besha Zangana, Mujda Anwar Taher, Sara Mohammad and Kavi Yousef

KEMSA Latvia executive board of 2016/2017

Our executive board is composed of a group of international students who are from different semesters and faculties.

Evin Guven Hellan-Asa Mujda Anwar Taher Sara Mohammad

Evin Güven, President

Hellan Asa, Vice-President Mujda Anwar Taher, PR manager Sara Mohammad, Treasurer
Naz-Omar Kavi-Yousef Besha-Zangana
Naz Omar, Secretary Kavi Yousef, Project Leader Besha Zangana, Project Leader

Get in touch

Get in touch with us and become a member

As a KEMSA member you will experience a host of benefits that will consolidate, support and help nurture your medical education and career. Furthermore we will work together to support our communities including underprivileged, aged, challenged, orphans, refugees, and all those who need our aid.

Feel free to get in touch with us by e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have lots of events coming up, so see our Facebook page for more details!