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International Federation of Medical Students’ Association

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The International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA) Latvian Branch or the Association of Latvian Medical Students is a non-profit organization founded in 2002, with the aim to help future doctors to familiarise with different medical branches, putting into practice their theoretical knowledge by participating in various projects on health and reproductive health in Latvia. Medical students have an opportunity to do internships at foreign clinics, assist doctors and develop their investigations. IFMSA informs its members about international medical student conferences, competitions, and other events.

The vision of IFMSA is to see medical students who are aware of their value and opportunities by successfully applying them in their professional careers and personal lives. IFMSA mainly works on various local projects, promoting public and reproductive health in four principal fields:

  • Public Health Group – works on various health projects mainly in Latvia;

  • Reproductive Health (including AIDS) Group – organizes various projects on reproductive health;

  • Student Internship Exchange Group – organizes student exchange and gives students the opportunity to do voluntary internships in foreign clinics for one month under doctors’ supervision;

  • Student Scientific Exchange Group – organizes student exchange; gives students the opportunity to do research for a period of up to 6 month in a foreign clinic or institution.

Medical students are also welcome to participate in the Scientific Exchange Programme, which provides students with the opportunity to take part in scientific research abroad, learn more about their field of study, discover different cultures and develop contacts at an international level. The student exchange has become unilateral with the equivalent number of students going abroad and coming to Latvia. This principle ensures equal conditions for work and living accommodations for incoming students and outgoing Latvian students. At the end of the internship, students have to submit a written report on other results and achievements of their work. They then receive an internationally accepted IFMSA certificate testifying to their participation in the respective project.


How to become a member of IFMSA?

IFMSA Latvian Branch is open to all medical students. If a student from a non-medical background wants to join the organization, his application will be considered separately. More information about IFMSA projects and activities is available at




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