The Swedish Medical Students' Association in Riga (SLFSR)

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SLFUR logoSveriges Läkarförbund Student Riga (SLFSR) is a branch of the Swedish Medical Association (SMA) also known as Sveriges Läkarförbund. SLFSR is a union and professional organization created for and by students, were the goal is to promote and strengthen the ties both within and between the Swedish and the Latvian community. We do so not only by holding events such as banquets (sittningar), pub nights, lectures and courses, but also by cooperation with local restaurants as well as pubs which offers our members student prises.

Additionally, SLFSR represents the interests of Swedish medical students studying in Riga on two levels, the first being locally by working with other Latvian based student organisations and universities. The second by conveying our interests and concerns together with other branches of SMA in order to influence the development of healthcare in Sweden. Furthermore, we provide information and advice to help students throughout their studies.

SLFSR was founded in 2017 by the reorganisation and renaming of the previous Swedish society “Svenska Studenter i Riga” (SSiR). The board consists of six seats, they are as follows:

  • Chairman (Ordförande): Gustaf Kallryd

  • Vice-Chairman (Vice ordförande): Alexander Wyckoff-Mähler

  • Treasurer (Kassör): Jennifer Olsson

  • Event Manager (Eventansvarig): Calle Sandlund

  • Liaison officer (Administratör): Beatrice Möberg

  • Recruiting officer (Rekryteringsansvarig): Maria Georges

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our Facebook page.