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RSU’s moto is excellence and innovation. Although the University has been named after the capital city of Rīga and one of the most prominent figures in Latvian medicine – Professor Pauls Stradiņš, we believe that the abbreviation “RSU” also stands for our values:

Remarkable change and development

2013   Medical Education Technology Centre rsz picture-agency 20161005 rsu anatomikums 239
2013 Dentistry Pre-Clinical Learning Centre
2015 Science Hub “Kleisti”
2016 Acquisition of 3D Anatomy Visualization Tables
2016 Center for Nuclear Medicine “Medvision”
2017 RSU’s Study Centre at Rīga East Clinical University Hospital
2017 Faculty of Dentistry’s Student Clinic
2017 Department of Paediatric Dentistry, RSU’s Institute of Stomatology
2017 Dental Implant Clinic, RSU’s Institute of Stomatology
2017 Renovation of the Historic Theatrum Anatomicum
2017 New Student Dormitory
2018 University Campus – Study and Research Complex



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  • Personalized approach to learning - class size of 14 and low student-teacher ratio of 13:1 in clinical subjects
  • Close affiliation with leading hospitals in Rīga and regions of Latvia
  • Internships at partner hospitals in Germany
  • Majority of teaching staff - medical professionals and/or researchers
  • English language proficiency of teaching staff regularly tested
  • Continuous education for teaching staff at RSU’s Centre for Educational Growth
  • Student feedback through course evaluations and other instruments highly valued
  • Mentor programme for international students
  • Individual support to international applicants by the International Admissions Office throughout the application process
  • Cultural and social events for international students






  • Multicultural study environment with students from 50 countries






  • Low cost of living combined with high quality of life

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