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The RSU Communication Department comprises public relations and marketing specialists and is also in charge of the Great Hall, the university’s museum and performing arts societies – choir Rīga and folk dance group Ačkups. The Communication Department also maintains and administers the RSU website.

  • The Public Relations Unit communicates with the media, organises RSU publicity and ensures internal communication within the university. The Unit’s staff is also responsible for maintaining and updating the contents of the RSU website in Latvian and English, maintains RSU profiles on social media and ensures publicity.
  • Our marketing team promotes RSU, the study possibilities offered and organises activities aimed at attracting new students. The aim is achieved via various promotional campaigns, publication of informative materials and RSU participation and presence at events that are essential for youth. RSU marketing specialists maintain regular and active cooperation with schools, teachers and schoolchildren all across Latvia.
  • RSU museum is a research and educational unit whose main functions are the curating and preservation of the university’s historical and cultural heritage for the next generations and the exhibiting of its collections. In 2017 the branch of Pauls Stradiņš Museum of the History of Medicine – the Jēkabs Prīmanis Anatomy Museum was incorporated into the RSU museum.

  • The Great Hall is an instrumental venue for the university’s events (also those of cooperation partners) and it hosts the majority of RSU academic events, including concerts of the folk dance group and the choir.

How to find us?

  • Director of the Communication Department: 16 Dzirciema iela, Block G, Room 108

  • Public Relations Unit: 16 Dzirciema iela, Block G, Room 109, e-mail: sanatrsu[pnkts]lv, ph. +37167409153

  • Marketing: 16 Dzirciema iela, Block G, Room 109, e-mail: marketingsatrsu[pnkts]lv, ph. +37167409285, +37167409253,

  • Website editors: majaslapaatrsu[pnkts]lv, ph. +37167409163

  • RSU Museum Exhibition Hall: 16 Dzirciema iela, Block K, Room 102

  • RSU Museum, manager Daiga Dupate: 26a Anniņmuižas bulvāris

  • RSU Great Hall manager Astra Puriņa: 16 Dzirciema iela, Block K, Room 121

  • Folk dance group Ačkups rehearsals are held at 17a Mārupes iela, contact: Elita Treilone, ph. +37129769172

  • Choir Rīga rehearsals are held in the RSU Senate Hall or at other RSU premises at 16 Dzirciema iela, Block K, contact: Evita Taranda, ph. +37129135864; Zane Zilberte, ph. +37129352675



Preses relīzes, videokomentāri, ekspertu katalogs pieejams RSU mājaslapas sadaļā Medijiem.