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The Dental Student Association (DSA) is a non-profit organisation comprised of both international and Latvian dental students studying at Riga Stradiņš University (RSU).

Our primary aims

Our aim is to improve our educational system, raise the bar for education and maximise study opportunities at our university by organising events and extra-curricular seminars. Moreover, we serve as a safe channel through which students can openly talk about problems they may have during their study progress and in their daily life to improve  communication with university staff.


With our events, we want to create a communal spirit between all students and provide a friendly study environment.

  • Toothy Fresh Party – a welcome party for all new dental students and friends
  • Extracurricular seminars  up-to-date topics presented by dentists
  • Open meetings


President: Elina Marjatta Hongisto
Vice President: Jack Ibrahim Samaan
Head of Academic Affairs: Vittorio Fenoglio
Assistant to the Head of Academic Affairs: Constanze Beatrice Millutat
Treasurer: Janusch Jorge Bitter
Public Relations Officer: Alaa Zahra
Social and Integration Officer: Valērija Šunkarova
Secretary & Unspecified Officer: Christian David Johannes Puppe


Dental Student Association Board 2019

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