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Objectives and fields of work

Provide the knowledge required for clinical work on certain skin, perioral tissue and oral mucosa diseases, their causes, pathogenesis, clinical and morphological manifestations, treatment, and prevention. Understand the relationship between changes in the oral mucosa and general body health.

Main fields of activity

  • Undergraduate studies in oral medicine according to the RSU-accredited programme Dentistry, which includes the requirements of the European standard of knowledge in oral medicine
  • Continuing education in medicine (according to the Residency programme)
  • Implementation of a doctoral programme
  • Cooperation with other RSU departments, universities, scientific research institutions

Lines of research

  • Early pre-cancer diagnostics in the oral cavity
  • Diagnosis and treatment of melanoma
  • Study of biochemical parameters in saliva
  • Application of natural products to improve and treat the oral mucosa integrity
  • Prevention of pain syndrome in the face and jaw area

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