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The Department of Political Science is open to foreign exchange students who wish to learn more about the geopolitics of the Baltic region. The Department offers several courses on Comparative Post-Soviet politics and Baltic politics, including Ethnic Politics and Ethnic Issues in International Relations as well as a theoretical course in Foreign Policy Analysis.


The following study programmes are taught at the Department of Political Science:

  • Bachelor's study programme;
  • Bachelor's study programme International Relations - Europoean Studies;
  • Master's study programme Political Science;
  • Master's study programme International Relations
  • Master's study programme Russia and Eurasia Studies.

At the department of Political Science, students may study not only political theory and public administration, but also Management (Leadership Skills), Marketing (Sales Skills) and Communication (Communication Skills), as well as learn how to apply these skills in state and local government, or in private organisations, via the Politics and Public Administration programme. This is the programme for those who want to be in charge rather than being controlled or manipulated.

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