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The objective of the Department of Sociology and Psychology is to prepare specialists in sociology and psychology, at the Bachelor’s and Master’s level, oriented to European processes, who have mastered the fundamental theoretical and methodological principles of sociology and psychology, and to prepare them for further doctoral studies.

Main tasks

  • Create an intellectually stimulating environment for teachers and students
  • Develop students' intellectual and academic abilities
  • Teach students to analyse various aspects of social life
  • Teach students to critically evaluate ideas and interpret facts
  • Teach students to cooperate in the academic and research process
  • Stimulate students' scientific research work
  • Contribute to compliance with the ethical principles of a sociologist and psychologist in academic and research work
  • Give fundamental knowledge and skills for further studies after obtaining a bachelor's degree

Lines of research

  • Youth and educational studies
  • Family studies
  • Research of public health and medical sociology
  • Research of social policy
  • Modes of sociology teaching and methodological studies
  • Emotion and behavioural studies
  • Personality and value studies
  • Development and adaptation of tests and surveys

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