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Who we are

Not only do we represent a growing number of German students in Latvia, but we also welcome our freshmen. Being support and contact or help in every situation – that is how we pursue our agenda "from students for students". By organizing a numerous amount of events each semester, we even bring some fun spirit in your everyday life studies since our foundation in 2013. We are especially proud that most of our events are not only for Germans but for all students, creating chances for intercultural dialogue in a study free environment.

Event plan

Our current events result in the personal motivation of our active members: New ideas are always welcome, thought through and the whole organization stands behind them. This is how everybody gives his personal 100 % to make DSiA the organization it is today.

  • “Tatort”
    Sunday evening gatherings at Trusis café watching “Tatort” (German criminal movie series) live in german language in Trusis café in Dzirnavu iela
  • Welcome dinner
    A seasonal dinner once a semester in a nice atmosphere to meet new people
  • DSiA Partys Spring break and Fall out
    Fellow German students/ DJ’s make you dance through all the night at Kalku varti in the oldtown of Riga
  • Ice hockey
    Come and watch the team of Dinamo Riga live with hundreds of other students at Arena Riga and get to know the Latvian national sport better!
  • Clothing donation
    Doing good by donating old clothes in the beginning of each semester for local orphanages and other social projects
  • Jazz & Jam
    Fellow students jazz and jam live for you
  • Guest lectures
    Up to date topics presented by doctors from Germany and all over the world
  • DSiA open meetings
    You are interested in getting involved? You have cool new ideas? Come and see, whether you want to join our team

Board of DSiA

President: Christoph Schulze
Vice-Presidents: Johannes Steibl, Alexander Hasse
Treasurer: Julian Rüwald
Secretary: Anna Wiemann
PR officer: Cassian Männer
Extracurricular activities: Katharina Schöberl
Unspecified officers: Linda Veith Sanches, Taras Kozachenko, Katharina Rudolf, Layla Stoll, Phillip Nelles

Get in touch

To stay up to date, you can follow our page in Facebook, so you will never miss an event. Feel free to message us there or via our email dsialettlandatgmail[pnkts]org. If you have questions and we will do our best to answer them for you.