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Rehabilitation Research Laboratory ensures scientific activity of students and is engaged in research of topical rehabilitation issues.


  • To provide technological and methodological support to the research activity of RSU students and academic staff
  • To establish and maintain an RSU registry (data base) of the tools applied in rehabilitation research

Research directions

  • Human functioning and restrictions
  • Social, economic and organisational aspects of rehabilitation
  • Actual clinical issues (idiopathic scoliosis, pace and posture, Parkinsonism, amputations, etc.

Laboratory equipment

  • Gas analyser Meta Max 3B
  • Gait analysis system – desktop and laptop computer, two Quintic high-speed cameras, Quintic Biomechanics v21 software, gait path RS Scan with software
  • Foot load parameter detecting device Pedar with soles of various sizes, laptop computer, software
  • Biosignal recorder ME 6000
  • Professional scales Detecto with length measuring device
  • Spirometer Micromedical USB with software Spida
  • Rodin M4D scanner
  • Electrostimulator Stiwell med4
  • Goniometer, inclinometer (Acumar MT 3606)
  • Muscle strength measuring device (Lafayette 01163)
  • Finger dynamometer (Saehan SH5005)
  • Calipometer (Saehan SH5020)
  • Myometer Myoton-3

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