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Arturs Balodis will defend his doctoral dissertation on 18 June at 15:00 in an open meeting of the RSU Clinical Medicine Degree Committee (Riga, 16 Dzirciema iela, Hippocrates Auditorium). Balodis' dissertation is titled 'The impact of early imaging and reperfusion therapy tactics on radiological and clinical outcome in acute ischemic stroke'.

Official reviewers

  • Asoc. prof. (Dr. med.) Ardis Platkājis, Rīga Stradiņš University
  • Prof. (Dr. med.) Dainis Krieviņš, University of Latvia, President of the Latvian Society for Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Asoc. prof. (Dr. med.) Rytis Kaupas, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

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Hippocrates lecture-theatre