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Rehabilitation for people affected by old age and illness or other serious health issues caused by other conditions, is a dynamic process, which is provided by a multi-professional team of specialists. RSU Faculty of Rehabilitation offers a wide range of study programmes.


Health is a great value, but we often become aware of it only when we face functional limitations created by health disorders. Rehabilitation is a multi-professional sector of health care and the aim of rehabilitation specialists is to promote and optimise opportunities for persons with health disorders and take part in a wide range of life processes - at home, work and in society.

Assoc. Prof. Signe Tomsone, Dean of the Faculty of Rehabilitation

In 1993 the first study programme in physical therapy was established at the university, now the Faculty of Rehabilitation offers the most diverse opportunities for future specialists, who will be involved in maintaining, improving and strengthening one’s health. Rehabilitation teams work in all of the biggest medical treatment institutions.


At the Faculty of Rehabilitation at RSU students can undertake Bachelor study programmes and Professional study programmes in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Audio Speech Therapy, Orthotics and Prosthetics and Nutrition Studies. Students can continue their studies in academic Master study programmes Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy or acquire the Professional Master’s study programme Art Therapy. After the Master’s programmes one can continue with Doctoral studies.

Study programmes

Undergraduate study programmes
Post-graduate study programmes
  • Rehabilitation – Academic Master’s degree of Health Sciences in Health Care


The Faculty of Rehabilitation, as an independent faculty, was created in 1994 and now it offers a wide range of study programmes and prepares health care professionals. What they all have in common is taking care of one’s health.

Aivars Vētra was the dean of the faculty from its founding until January 1, 2015.