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Work experience

2008 - Present

Acting Assistant

Faculty of Rehabilitation, Department of Rehabilitation

2006 - Present

Medical Commission, speech-therapist, special need teacher

Riga City Council Education, Youth and Sports Department, in pedagogical area

1999 - Present

speech-therapist, special needs teacher

Riga Agenskalns Primary School

2006 - 2009

Head of Methodological Commission of Speech-Therapists

Riga City Council Education, Youth and Sports Department, in teachers area

Education and training

2000 - 2003

The Academic school of Speech Therapy of the Faculty of Rehabilitation Degree Awarded: Master's degree of Health Sciences in Health Care (Audiology and Speech Therapy)

Rīga Stradiņš University

1978 - 1983

Special needs education teacher, qualification of a teacher – speech therapist

Liepaja Pedagogical Institute


Continuing education a.o. qualification upgrade

2015. Basic course on Myofunkcional Therapy (OMFT ) in Riga (16 TIP)

2011. Innovative and practice-based teacher education and mentors' professional development.(76 hours)

2011. Conference "Organisation of Early Children Rehabilitation and Individual Rehabilitation Plans for Children and Adults in Case of Predictable Disability"

2010. International conference "An Inclusive Approach to the Education of Children and Youth with Special Needs"

2009. Learning disorder detection and assistance possibilities.(36 hours)

2008.-2009. Preconditions of learning to read for pre-school and primary school age children and methods of overcoming difficulties of early literacy learning.(36 hours)

2008. Modern views of reading and writing disorders: mechanisms, diagnostics, correction of dyslexia and dysgraphia .(36 hours)

2008. Children with reading and writing problems in the primary education, dyslexia and its correction.(36 hours)

2007-2008. Support activities for youth with autism spectrum disorders for integration in education system.(120 hours)

2007. Support supervision of professional work of special needs education teachers.(36 hours)

2007. Courses "Voice Disorders"( 36 hours)

2007. Conference "Improvement of Professional Competence of Teachers – Speech Therapists on Disorders of Voice Function"

Supervised study course

Clinical placement

Clinical practice



Learning practice

Lectured study course

Clinical placement



Learning practice


Member of the Speech Therapists Association of Latvia.

Member of Association of Latvia Audiologists – Speech Therapists.

Member of Audiologists Certification Committee.


2011. Participation in the DIBELS Next test group of the ESF project "Development of the Support System for Students with Functional Disorders".

2010.-2011.Participation in the work group of speech-therapists of the ESF project "Development of Integrative Learning Methodology and Implementation for Adaptation in Social Environment for Pupils and Young People with Learning, Cognitive Function and Movement Disorders".

2008.-2008. Participation in the organisation and implementation of the ESF project "Support Activities for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders for Integration in Education System".
2007. Participation in the ESF project "Inclusive Cases"



The clinical expression of dysphagia and assessment possibilities for patients with neurological disorders in Latvia / I.Blumentale, S.Kuske, I.Klatenberga, A.Vabale, I.Kaleja, A.Vetra, M.Mazjane // 4th International Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference "Society. Health. Welfare" & 1st Conference of Speech Therapists (Riga, Nov.22-23, 2012) : Abstracts / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte ...[u.c.]. - Riga, 2012. - P.22-23.

Vabale, Andra. Agrīnās lasītprasmes novērtēšana 6-9 gadus veciem bērniem populācijā un klīniskajās grupās Latvijā / A.Vabale, I.Kalēja, I.Klatenberga // 2012.gada Zinātniskās konferences tēzes (Rīga, 2012.g. 29.-30.martā) / Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte. - Rīga, 2012. - 482.lpp.


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Academic Staff
Ieva Rugina
Academic Staff
Liene Saukuma
Academic Staff
Marita Spuntele-Kondrjakova
Academic Staff, Study Specialist
Dace Stirāne
Academic Staff
Ilze Tāse
Academic Staff
Andra Vabale
Academic Staff
Inese Znotiņa
Vice-Dean, Academic Staff, Head of Study Programme
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Academic Staff
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Academic Staff
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Academic Staff, Head of Study Programme
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Office Manager
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Visiting Lecturer, Office Manager
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Study Specialist