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Citizens of the EU/EFTA member states

If your family members are citizens of an EU/EFTA member state, they can travel to Latvia freely and can stay here for three months without undergoing any immigration procedures.

Citizens of non-EU/EFTA member states

If your family members are citizens of a country outside the EU/EFTA, they need to undergo specific immigration procedures. You can invite your closest relatives (parents, siblings, husband/wife, children) to Latvia yourself, if you have completed your immigration procedures and have a valid Registration Card (EU/EFTA) or Temporary Residence Permit (non-EU/EFTA). Please follow this link to learn more about the procedures. You will have to file an application to the Immigration Office in Riga. The application has to be in Latvian. Please contact RSU Immigration Officer (see contact information below) regarding this. Do not forget that you will have to pay the state fee for the invitation!

Should you wish to invite any other relatives to Latvia, the RSU Immigration Officer can do it for you. However, in order to initiate the process, you

  • have to write an application to the Director of the Department of Academic and Foreign Affairs;
  • should state the reason for invitation;
  • attach passport copies of for all your relatives to be invited;
  • attach all-inclusive health/travel insurance certificates (disease, traffic accident, injury, other accidents, etc.) for all your relatives to be invited;
  • attach confirmation from your relative’s employer (working place) that he/she is an employee there for all your employed relatives to be invited.

You should also provide the following information about ALL your relatives to be invited:

  • Duration of stay (number of days),
  • Your relation to the invited person,
  • Reason for invitation,
  • His/her planned place of stay while in Latvia (address),
  • Information on who will cover the expenses of his/her stay in Latvia,
  • His/her name and surname,
  • Date of birth (should match passport information),
  • Place of birth (should match passport information),
  • Citizenship (should match passport information),
  • Address in home country,
  • The embassy where he/she will submit the documents for a visa.