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Associazione Studenti Italiani a Riga, or the Italian Student Association in Riga (ASIR) is a non-profit student association created to provide help and, most of all, a sense of community for the Italian students enrolled at Rīga Stradiņš University (RSU).



Our main aim is to unite the Italian community at RSU and to represent Italy in the marvellous international community that RSU has created.

We would like to offer our support to those students coming from Italy who need help to adjust to their new surroundings. This association hopes to remain a reference point for Italian and Italian speaking students throughout their studies.

Additionally, we have the privilege to represent Italy in Latvia and at RSU, so we intend to participate in events organised by other international communities as much as possible, as well as those organised by our host country. We plan to organise events ourselves to promote Italy and its culture.

We are students helping students! We collaborate with the Italian Embassy and are looking forward to expanding the network of organisations we work with in order to grow as an association as well as to make our study experience as complete as possible.


  • President: Sofia Galanti
  • Vice President: Simona Costa
  • Treasurer: Iacopo Ghirardello
  • Head of Social and Integration Affairs: Francesca Girotto
  • Public Relations Officer: Clotilde Deli
  • Head of Hospital Cooperation: Lorenzo Celin
  • Unspecified Officer: Leila D’Amico

Contact us

Facebook: ASIR Riga

Email: asir[pnkts]rigaatgmail[pnkts]com