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Work experience

2015 - Present

Primary education teaching associate professional

School of Art and Media of Riga

2014 - Present


Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physics

2011 - 2012

Medical Engineer

Riga Eastern Hospital

Education and training

2012 - 2014

Master’s degree of nanoengineering

Rīga Technical University

2008 - 2012

B. Sc. Ing.

Rīga Technical University

1999 - 2006

Medical Doctor’s Diploma

The University of Latvia


Field of research

Nanomaterials. Green energy. Material science. Electrophoretic deposition of new materials.

Head of study course

Nanotechnologies in medicine

Physical basis of medical equipment

Lectured study course

Biomaterials in Dentistry

Medical Physics

Nanotechnologies in Medicine

Nanotechnology in Medicine

Physical Principles of Structure and Use of Medical Equipment


LU SSI, project Nr. 666/2014 , Controlled porosity composite synthesis and studies of thin layers and systems for energy storage and conversion applications ", head Dr. phys. J. Kleperis.

Awards and recognitions

Member of gold fund of RTU-2014


Kaspars Kaprans et al 2015 IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 77 012042 doi:10.1088/1757-899X/77/1/012042 , Electrophoretic Nanocrystalline Graphene Film Electrode for Lithium Ion Battery​

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Jānis Gardovskis
Head of the Unit, Academic Staff, Chair of the Senate
Ilze Grope
Dean, Academic Staff
Sandra Lejniece
Dean, Head of Study Programme
Gunta Lazdāne
Academic Staff, Leading Researcher
Gunta Purkalne
Academic Staff, Leading Researcher
Dace Rezeberga
Head of the Department, Academic Staff, Leading Researcher
Gunta Ancāne
Head of the Department, Academic Staff
Maija Eglīte
Head of the Department, Academic Staff
Dace Gardovska
Head of the Department, Academic Staff, Director of Strategic Relations
Ilona Hartmane
Academic Staff
Regīna Kleina
Academic Staff
Juta Kroiča
Head of the Department, Academic Staff, Deputy Chair of the Senate
Gaida Krūmiņa
Academic Staff
Guna Laganovska
Head of the Department, Academic Staff
Ināra Logina
Academic Staff