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Work experience

2006 - Present


Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia

Laboratory of Hydrogen energy​

2012 - Present


Riga Stradini University


2006 - 2009


Ltd. Hydro Energo

2005 - 2015

Scientific assistant

Institute of Physical Energetics

Education and training

2010 - 2015

Doctor in Physics

Riga Technical University

Research experience is related with a metal oxide (Fe2O3, CuO, Cu2O, ferrites) photoelectrode synthesis and study the characteristics of synthesized materials. The most widely used method of synthesis is electrodeposition in DC mode and the voltage pulse mode. The main characteristics of research methods are photocurrent measurements, impedance spectroscopy, optical properties and material structure studies. I've developed a water electrolysis method based on inductive voltage pulse mode. Clarified the main mechanisms that take place on the boundary metal-electrolyte in mentioned mode.



Aigars Pētersons
Rector, Academic Staff
Jānis Gardovskis
Head of the Unit, Academic Staff, Chair of the Senate
Ilze Grope
Dean, Academic Staff
Sandra Lejniece
Dean, Head of Study Programme
Gunta Lazdāne
Academic Staff, Director
Edvīns Miklaševičs
Academic Staff, Director
Gunta Ancāne
Head of the Department, Academic Staff
Maija Eglīte
Head of the Department, Academic Staff
Dace Gardovska
Head of the Department, Academic Staff, Director of Strategic Relations
Ilona Hartmane
Academic Staff
Regīna Kleina
Academic Staff
Juta Kroiča
Head of the Department, Academic Staff, Deputy Chair of the Senate
Gaida Krūmiņa
Academic Staff
Guna Laganovska
Head of the Department, Academic Staff
Ināra Logina
Academic Staff
Gunta Purkalne
Academic Staff, Leading Researcher