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If you are an English-speaking student studying at RSU then you must read this! Take part in our MePlusMe study to tell us what you think about an online system that can support you during your studies and take away your personalized package with psychological and study skill techniques!

RSU Psychological Laboratory researchers and Dr Patapia Tzotzoli, a clinical psychologist and researcher from the UK are offering our English-speaking students the opportunity to try out an online system that is designed to support them during their time at university. The system is called MePlusMe and it will be available for a limited time only to a restricted number of students.

Participant students will get a package tailored to their needs with psychological and/or study skill techniques in video format that will teach them how to take care of their well-being and how to stay on top of their studies! And by the way, it’s all confidential!

The MePlusMe project is approved by the Deans Committee and the Ethics Committee of Rīga Stradiņš University.