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The key values for training prospective medical practitioners are: science, technologies and experience. The Medical Education Technology Centre that is part of a large-scale infrastructure modernisation project implemented by RSU in cooperation with the European Regional Development Fund, is the most sophisticated medical education centre in the Baltic region.

In the technology centre students use up-to-date simulator systems, phantoms and dummies to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills from simple manipulations to complex surgical procedures, including delivery assistance.


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different medical simulators


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The technology centre is used for the organisation of the study process of the following faculties: the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Rehabilitation and the Faculty of Public Health and Social Welfare. The centre also provides continuing education of healthcare professionals. The Medical Education Technology Centre provides opportunities for medical practitioners and students to enhance their skills and ensure more effective healthcare; evidence of the high-quality of medical education in Latvia.

It is the most advanced centre of medical education in the Baltic States offering 24 different lecture - rooms and a conference hall with 247 seats.


The vision of the Medical Education Technology Centre is to become a modern, prestigious, internationally recognised centre providing simulation-based learning aimed at enhancing the quality of medical education, improvement of patient safety and clinical outcomes in general.

  • Create an innovative and modern simulated environment by integrating modern technological advances to implement simulation-based medical education.
  • Develop, introduce, assess, and implement simulation-based study programmes in order to promote knowledge, skills and competences of future and practising healthcare professionals.
  • Develop an innovative pedagogical approach to simulation-based medical education which is based on the principles of interdisciplinarity, content-based and structured methodology.
  • Carry out simulation-related studies on issues related to medical education, patients’ safety, clinical outcomes, effectiveness of medical devices, their development and approbation in a simulated environment.

The main objective of the Medical Education Technology Centre is to organise and implement innovation-based learning for the acquisition of clinical skills and medical technologies in a clinical simulated environment, ranging from the simplest manipulations to complex simulation programmes developed in collaboration with RSU structural units, professional organisations and experts, to provide a top-quality education of healthcare professionals.

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