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To support Latvian start-ups that create e-solutions in healthcare Rīga Stradiņš University and EiT Health have opened up applications for the E-Boat development programme.


Who can apply:

Start-ups with mobile health solutions are welcome to apply. A team should consist of two representatives of the start-up with at least one team member being an IT specialist.

About the programme:

Teams will be offered a six-week distance learning module and a two-week hackathon. The hackathon will be a sea voyage making stops in five cities: Gdansk, Klaipeda, Rīga, Tallinn and Stockholm. Meetings with experts who will assist the start-ups in developing their ideas will be organised in each of these cities.

How will participation in the EIT Health programme E-Boat contribute to the development of the start-up?

Over eight weeks teams will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge and unique experiences, test their ideas on various audiences and even meet new investors for the development of their ideas.

Additional bonus – 5 000 EUR to cover travel and accommodation costs.

APPLY UNTIL 13 march